You ain’t what you are, you are whatever you wanna be…..


You ain’t what you are, you are whatever you wanna be: Nicole Breedlove runs a social networking site for “lesbians of color” [yes, I’m serious])  which entitles a piece with the sneer, “Happy National Genocide (Thanksgiving) Day!

You tell them, Nicole.

Nicole Breedlove, black faux-Indian lesbian of color. (Moonbattery)
Yes, the pilgrims who founded this evil country were evil. If you want to hear details, just say the word “Thanksgiving” in the presence of a hardcore moonbat. Then cover your face as the spittle spews. A Bradley I Mean Chelsea Manning Thanksgiving
Obama Terror is Real:
Academic Drama in California:

In a letter sent to colleagues in the department after the sit-in, [Professor] Rust said students in the demonstration described grammar and spelling corrections he made on their dissertation proposals as a form of “micro-aggression.”

The dispute is said to be caused by raaacism.  MICRO MAJORS

We have a proper media establishment down under:

The rich get richer at the ABC:

The ABC is paying eight broadcasters more than $250,000 a year, with Q&A and Lateline host Tony Jones leading the pack on an annual salary of more than $350,000  (YOUR TAXES)

Beautifully put:
This isn’t satire.
Stuart Grant is a Melbourne wacademic
Wanna bet that he’s a far left-greenie?
Go-to tart for loons gets airtime:
 66 views over seven days. At this rate he’ll eventually match Iowahawk’s YouTube numbers some time within the next 118 years. —LOE VIEWERS (Tim Blair)
Wealth Gap

The ABC worries a great deal about the gap between rich and poor. A quick search of the billion-dollar broadcaster’s archives reveals more than 5000 matches for stories on the terrible wealth gap.

Well, here’s a guaranteed way to make that gap even larger: take money off people who earn an average of $70,000 and give it to the wealth-gap worriers at the ABC, many of whom are feasting on six-figure tax-funded incomes.– Continue reading ‘MIND THE GAP’


3 thoughts on “You ain’t what you are, you are whatever you wanna be…..”

  1. RE: Wealth Gap

    Ahh, but are the concerned mouthpieces at the ABC willing to take a price cut to the level of the national wage? And redistribute, the difference to those under the national average?

    RE: Obamunism

    Obamunism, that sounds about right. A special reworking of a 20 th century form of Communism. Made special by the hubris from the NWO elites that have grown up coddled in the west, believe they can get right.

    RE: Breedlove

    My my, seeing as she has grown up free, she has forgotten that it was Lincoln, who in 1863 gave the union boys who survived the bloody battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg the modern version of Thanksgiving that they celebrated in USA today.

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