Africa Jihad, the ‘Knockout Game’ and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Deadly blast ‘shreds’ bus in Kenyan capital


Central African Republic

UN chief says ‘world watching’ CAR atrocities

20131213132327253580_20Ban Ki-moonbats warning to warring sides in Central African Republic comes as more than 600 people have been killed

Bible translator killed in Central African Republic

British convert to Islam linked to jihad grenade attack on British tourists in Kenya

Thumbnail image for Lewthwaite.jpgShe converted to Islam and became a killer. What programs do British mosques have in place to prevent converts from coming to this understanding of Islam? Why, there are no such programs. And no one seems to mind.

“White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite Linked to Kenya Grenade Attack,” by Ewan Palmer for International Business Times, December 13

“People, I was a thief, and praise Allah, he has forgiven me.”

Thinking About ‘Racism’ 

by :  Shouting “racism” developed into an academic discipline

A word’s meaning, then and now.


Media Blackout of the ‘Knockout Game’ 

As evidence of hate crimes mounts. By 

School Commies expel peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

South Africa sliding into darkness:

Ivan Rioufol On South African Realities, Or, The Bloom Is Off Bloemfontein

One anedote, one true story among so many, coming from those who have left South Africa:

A lady who has arrived with her husband and two children, one of them very young and chronically ill, described what it was like in South Africa, when her daughter was in the hospital. She had wanted to remain in the hospital overnight with her child, but was told that she should not emerge from her child’s room for if she did — for example to visit a bathroom down the hall — she would almost certainly be raped.

Perhaps you know those who have left South Africa, but are wary of telling their stories, for fear that they will be taken for something — diehard supporters of Verwoerd or Eugene Terre Blanche, perhaps –that they are most certainly not, and so most remain silent, or speak only in veiled terms. People in Europe and North America do not understand what life is really like or where things are going, nor do they understand the low-level race war that is already being conducted. They’ll see.


Here is Ivan Rioufol, on Mandela’s ephemeral legacy, and “living together” in South Africa. Visiting  dignitaries, of course, don’t see any of this, and don’t want to see it, or think about it, or come to understand it. It would all be too painful.