All your gasses are belong to us: Ex-Egypt ambassador slams Israel, Greek Cyprus over gas fields

For a Muselmanic supremacist it is unfathomable that infidel nations mind their own affairs. They need to be utterly subdued and their wealth appropriated.

Ex-Egypt ambassador slams Israel, Greek Cyprus over gas fieldsDr. Ibrahim Yusri claimed that Israel and Greek Cyprus were conspiring against Egyptian rights to gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean sea.

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Ex-Egypt ambassador slams Israel, Greek Cyprus over gas fields

Dr. Ibrahim Yusri, a former Egyptian ambassador and international lawyer, spoke to Arab 21 on the recent visit of the Greek Cypriot president Nicos Anastasidis to Cairo.

Claiming the visit was regarding a negotiation over ‘unfair’ maritime borders, he said that Greek Cyprus had stolen a water surface area bigger than the Nile Delta from Egypt after the two nations signed a deal in 2003.

According to Yusri, there are now attempts to halt the implementation of this agreement, which had remained secret until 2012.

He accused the Greek Cypriot government of conspiring with Israel to steal Egypt’s territorial seabed, resulting in a gas field 90 miles away from the Egyptian city of Dumyat being recognized as Israeli territory, despite it being 270 miles away from Israel.

In mentioning that article 74 of the UN Convention for Maritime Law which stipulates the consent of all costal states regarding the distribution of natural resources in international waters, he said that Cyprus and Israel distributed three gas fields between themselves without consulting Egypt.

Yusri was an avid critic of former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak’s government and once launched a lawsuit against the sale of Egyptian gas to Israel.

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