Egypt in Turmoil as thousands of al Azhar “students” strike….

Fury in Egypt over harsh sentences

Al Azhar students headbangers are determined to return Morsi and the MuBro’s back to power. So does the Obamessiah…..


One killed in demonstrations and rights groups in uproar after 21 women and girls given 11 years for peaceful protest.

Egyptian students defy law banning protests

src.adapt.960.high.1385439092832Students at Cairo University, who are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, hold a demonstration in front of police at the main gate of the university in Cairo on Nov. 24, 2013

‘Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria’ Ignored

by : Obama’s jihadist allies are purging the country — while the world is silent.

Muslim Mob Throws A 15-Year-old Christian Girl Off a Third Story Building


Obama is punishing the Egyptians for rejecting these Islamic supremacists. Sharia should be banned. The US should not give one cent of aid to any country living under the sharia. That’s not radical, that’s human.

Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood supporters who “reject the entire amendment process and are likely to launch” violence against it.

Muslims Take Young Girl And Throw Her Off A Building By Theodore Shoebat, November 30, 2013 Muslims Attack Christians, Burn Their Homes and Throw a Young Christian Girl Off a Building.

Pamela Geller: When Did Pope Francis ‘Become An Imam’?

At a time when Christianity worldwide is under siege by Islamic jihadists, the leader of the Catholic Church claims that the quran teaches non-violence. As Christians across the Muslim world live in abject terror and fear kidnapping, rape and slaughter to the bloodcurdling cries of “Allahu akbar,” the pope gives papal sanction to the savage. —POPE FRANCIS SANCTIONS SAVAGERY

From poster WB:

That Pope Francis would have proclaimed all this, is in a way not much of a surprise. He is to the left of his predecessor Pope Benedict on many issues, as well as following the “gospel” of moral relativism. Many of his tenets have more in common with Obama (most notably the redistributionist agenda) than one would care to think. Back when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he was  unable (or unwilling)  to stem the spread of Islam to Argentina. Here are some choice quotes from a recent column by Jeffrey T. Kuhner of The Washington Times (in the context of revelations that the NSA spied on the Vatican):

– “Pope Francis increasingly represents the liberal wing of the church. He champions “social justice” and economic redistributionist policies. He calls for industrialized nations to combat “man-made global warming.” (which is another euphemism for ‘global warming’)  He has urged Catholics, especially bishops and other church leaders, to stop “obsessing” about abortion and same-sex marriage. (That prompts the question: If Catholics should not be preoccupied with preventing the mass murder of unborn children or defending the basic institution of society, then what should they be concerned about?) Some of his statements have bordered on moral relativism, such as the claim that atheists should “follow their own conscience” in the attempt to “understand the difference between good and evil.” The problem is an atheist’s “conscience,” for example, may lead to that person excusing abortion — or other sins, such as murder, theft, lying and adultery.
– “The pontiff’s liberalism may be disconcerting to Catholic traditionalists . . . but it is right up President Obama’s ideological alley. In some ways, Pope Francis is Mr. Obama’s man in the Vatican: an economic leftist,  a Marxist collectivist, a redistributor who supports big, elitist governments, he is staunch  proponent of the United Nations and anti-war.”

Again, with all this, is it any wonder that Francis would support and sanction savagery?