Europe is not Africa, (not yet, anyway….)

Europe is being swamped with Africans

In pictures: African migrants in Algeria


A growing number of sub-Saharan Africans are using Algeria as a stopping point on their way to Europe. With the influx of Africans into Europe the former colonial powers ironically now themselves are being colonised by people from their former colonies.

Omar Bakri, Islamic Cleric:

‘Blowing Oneself Up for the Sake of Allah is Acceptable’

Never saw a Muselmaniac accuse Omar Bakri of misunderstanding his religion.

Jihadi Cleric Omar Bakri Defends Anti-Hizbullah, anti-Iran Suicide Bombings

But wait: there’s more!

Tanzania: Police Arrest 38 Women for Female Genital Mutilation

Tanzanian police have arrested 38 women for carrying out illegal genital cutting on a group of girls, a local mayor said Monday (December 16th).

The women were arrested Sunday as they performed a traditional dance around a house where police found 21 girls, aged from 3 to 15, who had recently undergone excision, AFP reported.


Dozens killed as fresh fighting erupts in Central African Republic

At least 37 people dead in capital Bangui, while local hospitals overflow with injured from sectarian clashes.

“As soon as I heard about it I sent the police around,” Herman Kapufi, mayor of Same district in northern Tanzania, told national television.

Kapufi said some of the girls were still bleeding while others had wounds that were healing.

Female genital mutilation, also referred to as female circumcision, is still performed in some parts of Tanzania despite having been outlawed in 1998. Studies estimate that about 15% of Tanzanian women and girls have undergone the procedure.

The practice, generally carried out with a knife or a razor blade without anaesthesia and in non-sterile conditions, attracts a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.


4 thoughts on “Europe is not Africa, (not yet, anyway….)”

  1. Amusingly, my liberal brother-in-law visited Ghana with his Ghanadian friend a few years back, and learned some astonishing truths there: They visited the Ashantis, who have always been economically successful; for instance, when the British colonized West Africa, they had to make a treaty with the Ashantis because they lost all the battles to them. Even more interesting, the Ashanti War had to be waged later because the British wanted to put an end to slavery in Ghana, but the Ashantis, who had made a fortune selling the ‘slower’ Blacks to the muslim Arabs for millenniae, and more lately to Whitey as well, were having nothing of it! They demanded their historic cultural rights to keep on slaving, and went to war to ensure said rights! Luckily, the British won that war, and managed to outlaw it.
    Nevertheless, when Black Americans arrive in Ghana, searching for their roots, wearing faux African garb, they aren’t treated to a welcome home hug, but only to scorn: “Damn! Didn’t we already manage to get rid of these guys!? American Blacks are SOOO stupid!” etc! Quite the shocker to the Black Americans, who were privileged to have been weaned from birth on White liberal racist victimology!

  2. @Vladdi,

    I know what you’re referring too, many Afro- Caribbeans and Black American’s seeking their roots end being shocked by a less then friendly welcome.

    Here is a book, based upon a wise American black man, Keith Richburg who learned from his own personal experience about life, in Africa. In the end, he concluded to paraphrase a the end, that life was better for blacks in America.

    ‘Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa’

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