Goldman Sachs Chairman Advocates Genocide of Indigenous Europeans in the Name of “Economic Growth”


Wouldn’t surprise me if George Soros is pulling the strings here. What can no longer be denied is that  Marxist elitists are working towards an agenda that is almost too horrific to contemplate.


Goldman Sachs International Chairman Peter Sutherland Calls for Repopulating Europe With Non-Whites   (Moonbattery)

Don’t let Goldman Sachs International Chairman Peter Sutherland lull you off to sleep with his pompous, soporific drone. What he is talking about here in front of the Select Committee on the European Union for Home Affairs, Health, and Education is soft genocide through displacement. Permanently altering the demographics of Western countries — i.e., replacing the people who live in them and made them what they are with the people who live in the Third World and made it what it is — is not a bug in liberal immigration policy. It is the central feature:

Via Kitman TV:

“The demographic challenges in a number of European member states, however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states, is absolutely unquestionable in terms of a crucial dynamic for economic growth. A declining and ageing population is destructive of prosperity… So demographics are a key element of the debate, and a key argument for the development of—I hesitate to use the word because people have attacked it—multicultural states. It is impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the alternative argument can survive, because states have to become more open in terms of the people who inhabit them…

Sutherland goes on to denounce Europeans “who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others, which is precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

There won’t always be an England — or a Europe, or an Australia, or an America — if the globalist liberal elite has its way. One great big Third World hellhole with zero upward mobility or recognition of individual rights and responsibilities will be much easier for them to rule over. The European race has a very limited place in the master plan.

The Final Solution for white people won’t involve gas chambers and concentration camps. A combination of abortion, promotion of perversion, disincentives to marry and have kids, open borders, and easy access to welfare by foreigners will accomplish the task.

6 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs Chairman Advocates Genocide of Indigenous Europeans in the Name of “Economic Growth””

  1. I hate Westerner’s who advocate Communism in any form.

    It is their hubris, that “they” can get it right. It has failed in every single form of existence that is so obscene and the Russian are a very clever lot. They could not get it to work.

    What? So, the Neo-Communist want to replace the producing class with the mooching class? The peoples of invention, science, medicine and creativity with the peoples of destruction, anti-education, static existence, etc., etc.?

    Old Peter, has forgotten that the vast majority of his biggest clients are new money whose wealth came out of the new technology, i.e. the computing, app or online world. To name three job sectors that did not exist, forty years ago, as it does now.

    All it will create is a Dark ages and a Civil War, along with an expansive and industrious black market.

    Lastly, since Ol’Pete is advocating a soft genocide of whitey, he could be magnanimous and start with himself. He is neither wanted or needed in this world.

  2. A bunch of coddled Communist dreamers, who happily live the Capitalist lifestyle whilst seeking to prevent the wealth growth of nonmembers.

    Deliberately creating a peasant class dependent on the whims of patricians, bureaucrats and their minions; where talent and skill is trumped by bribes, sycophantic bleating and nepotism.

    To quote Uncle Vladdi, “Weee”, won’t life be just grande the proletariat class/caste? in the 21st century.

    But, our future Communist overlords forgot, that dreams can bite (back) and reality can be a disappointment. Kinda of like Obama.

  3. Someday, in the future, S. will be persona non grata by the worlds governments and his wealth and property will be confiscated.

  4. Strange that these turds never call on Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Indians or Arabs to do away with themselves.

    White Europeans who have created all that wealth, all that civilisation and progress are now guilty of having ageing populations and are destructive of prosperity… ?

    The mind boggles!

  5. wernt these the same liberals who told us to reduce populations, have fewer kids? we have been dupped!

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