IDF encounters more and more incidents of ‘sudden jihad syndrome’

But the commanders remain clueless as to why that is, because they don’t read that dirty book that the enemy calls ‘holy:’ the Koran.

“We need to eliminate the motivation for these attacks”–

that means  the IDF must eliminate all the clerics, raze the mosques to the ground, evict every Arab older than 10 years of age and put all those left in reeducation camps. As long as there is Islam, there will be no end to  the daily terror.

IDF fighting new brand of Palestinian terror

Four Givati Brigade commanders highlight ‘lone wolf’ attacks, say Palestinians have stake in maintaining relative calm

As opposed to the success of Israeli security forces in thwarting – on a nightly basis – significant attacks on citizens by terror organizations, the IDF and Shin Bet is struggling to identify Palestinians with no criminal affiliation who spontaneously choose to attack Israelis.

“We have a clear understanding that the law also protects Palestinians. Just as we arrested 30 Palestinians for throwing Molotov cocktails at settlers’ homes, we do not shy away from taking a stand against bullying by the other side.”

Yeah, that’ll work.