The Necessity of Resisting the Jihad

From the inimitable Christina McIntosh

The Corrections: An Israeli Military Man Comes So Near To – and Yet is Still So Far Off – Saying What Ought to Be Said

An arresting column by Brigadier General (res) Zvika Fogel, a former Chief of Staff of the IDF Southern Command, which was recently published in IsraelHaYom.

The original text may be found at this link and I came across it courtesy of the excellent Israeli blog “This Ongoing War”.

Anyway, here is the ‘corrected’, or perhaps ‘translated and expanded’ version.  Strike-throughs indicate the original wording; the underlining indicates a suggested correction and/ or clarification.

“Defeat the Enemy”.   The Necessity of Resisting the Jihad.

“The Arab world, especially its radical Islamic component, The Ummah is taking advantage of Western political weakness.


“Almost every Western and other non-Muslim world leader is currently choosing to avoid making the tough decisions necessary to combat radical Islam defend itself against the Jihad which is threatening the free world and indeed threatens the entire planet.  Fears of short-term political losses at home are preventing Western leaders from exhibiting the courage to ensure normal life in ensure the survival of their countries in the long run.

“Israel finds itself in the eye of the Islamic storm remains on the front line of the Jihad surrounded by Arab Muslimcountries going through revolutions and internal strife.  Neighbouring countries have become fertile ground for terrorist groups jihad terror raiding groups that seek to conduct attacks against the Jews, the perceived enemies of Islam.

“Moreover, at the same time, Arab Muslim leaders, fearful of Islamization at home, fearful of those within their borders who take Islam most to heart, are pressuring Israel to refrain from exerting the full military and diplomatic force required to defend its citizens and borders.

“This is how Israel’s “campaign of deterrence” took shape in recent times. The nature of this campaign is that every few years, or, in the worst scenarios, months, Israel is forced to conduct a new military operation.

That is because each time the local shock troops of the Ummah retire to lick their wounds, regroup, and rearm; and then when they feel strong enough, they resume the Jihad - CM

“We are in the midst of a battle between wars.  This period is characterized by military operations to restore deterrence rather than achieve victory.

“The Second Lebanon War, Operation Cast Lead, and Operation Pillar of Defense – all of these were designed to strengthen Israel’s deterrence, rather than defeat the enemy.

As Hugh Fitzgerald would put it: darura, darura, darura.  Israel must be, and also appear, inassailable, able to wreak ruin upon any attacker.  – CM

“The immediate implications of this are the need to preserve the deterrence achieved and examine the responses of the enemy.

“Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south did not wait long to invest all of their energy in acquiring and developing long-range rockets and building underground cities and tunnels that lead terrorists jihad terror raiders to the rear of the military deployed on the border and inside the primarily-Jewish Israeli communities in the Gaza area.

“After the sniper attack on Tuesday in which an Israeli (as it happened, an Arab citizen of Israel, and to judge from his name, a Muslim – CM) was killed on the Gaza border, Israel should have bombed the homes of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his henchmen to send a powerful message that we intend to defend ourselves in every way possible.

“While such a response could lead to a regional conflagration, strong action like that would provide an opportunity to defeat hamas, push back the date of the next battle, and perhaps even bring Hamas to the realization that the use of force will achieve nothing for the Palestinian people their use of force will achieve nothing.

“As we have learned nothing from the Egyptians on how to deal with Hamas terror  the sharia assassins of Hamas and we have not been able to maintain our deterrence, the next battle is not far off.

“The more than one hundred terror incidents Muslim attacks on Jews in Judea and Samaria each month are definitive proof that even when we choose the path of reconciliation and compromise, there remains on the ground an ongoing extremeist ideological belief among the Palestinians an adamant Islamically-based refusal by local Muslims to recognise our right to live here.

“The Palestinian Authority, with which we conduct negotiations about coexistence, does not have the desire or the capability to deal with extremism among its people has no intention of ceasing to wage Jihad against Jews.

“If that is the case, we must complete the job of defeating terrorism simply continue to defend ourselves against the Jihad that is waged upon us in Judea and Samaria from all sides.

“Western leaders, who keep pressuring us to make concessions and pay an unbearable price in lives, must understand that supporting Israel in its fight against terror in its self-defence against Jihad is part of the overall Western fight against terror is part of the Western and indeed global non-Muslim self-defence against Jihad and benefits everyone.”


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  1. Yes !!!
    • But Who is Commanding the Western/Democratic Political Leaders (Islamic-slaves) to assist the Islamic Caliphate and embrace muslim thugs?
    • But who is Commanding the Western/Democratic Political Leaders to import huge numbers of “Tribal” Africans who carry hate and promise revenge against ANY imagined threat to their new “deserved” existence. So much so that these imported “Tribes” have created in their “Host” Countries their own Police Forces to ensure their perceived threats are taken care of.

    • Nobody – absolutely nobody in their right mind would commit suicide of themselves.
    • Nobody – absolutely nobody in their right mind would create a situation whereby they will be responsible for the death of their family, relatives, friends, Countrymen AND their culture AND have all their property stolen.
    • The majority of Western/Democratic Politicians and their “minions” are currently Treason/Sedition Guilty and should be Incarceration imminent.

    • Could this “Controller” be the United Nations (UN) Organisation.
    • Could this “Controller” be perhaps the Controlling Voting Block of the 57 member states of The oranisation of Islamic Cooperation .

    And who Controls The Controllers?
    And how is all this going to END – is it going to be pretty ugly?
    Oh So …. an elderly Philosopher. (joke?)
    Could this be off topic?

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