Jihad Fundraising and Jihad Denial

Wichita Jihad (but you can’t call it jihad!)

But why the need to mention the religion of peace at all if it supposedly has nothing to do with the twist?

So lets ask the imam:

US Attorney  Barry Grissom on Wichita jihadi: “Those who plan or carry out terrorist acts in the name of Islam have twisted that faith to unrecognizable extremes”

Grissom-thumb-500xauto-4114In fact, its twisters like Barry Grissom who twist Islam to “unrecognisable extremes”.

I say lets see mullah Grissom’s credentials!

Inner Struggle Move Over, Here Comes “Inner Demons!”

“Tsarneav brothers appear have been motivated less by Islamist ideology and more by their own personal failings and inner demons”


If the Tsarnaev brothers had committed mass murder at the Boston Marathon in the name of any other belief system or ideology, would there be this same rush to exonerate that belief system of any connection to their crime? If the Tsarnaev brothers had been the “right-wing extremists” who hated big government and taxes, as the Leftist media was openly hoping before the killers were identified, would the Boston Globe be running a lengthy piece explaining that they weren’t actually motivated by “right-wing extremism” at all, but by their “personal failings and inner demons”?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev had vowed to die for Islam. His brother said that he carried out the Boston jihad attack because he wanted to defend Islam. There is abundant evidence that before the Boston Marathon jihad attack, Tamerlan had become a devout Muslim — but forget about all that. It was all because he heard voices inside his head.

“Boston Bombers’ family ‘was on the run from Russian mob’: Gangsters BEHEADED their dog and tortured their dad before brothers became gun-toting drug dealers in America, claims report,” from the Daily Mail, December 15 (thanks to Robert Spencer)


Jihad-Supporting Imam Raised Millions on U.S. Fundraising Tour

That money goes straight into the jihad to murder Christians and Shi’ites.


Robert Spencer:

Millions? From whom? He must have convinced a sizable number of the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims in the U.S. that he was not a Misunderstander of Islam, but a True Understander just like them, who abhorred all terrorism and violence in the name of Islam. He must have told them that their charitable donations were going to disabled children or hungry bunny rabbits. For certainly we know that absolutely no Muslims in the U.S., zero, not one, would contribute money to support jihad terror, now, would they?

A Syrian Sunni sheik who raised at least $3.6 millionduring a U.S. fundraising tour last April has blessed a new coalition of Syrian jihadist groups aiming to replace the Assad regime with an Islamic state. (IPT)

Message to the Boston Globe:

Just after 9-11, the late Anwar Awlaki, mentor to notable terrorists, said, “There is no way that the people who did this (9-11) could be Muslim, and if they claim to be Muslim, then they have PERVERTED THEIR RELIGION.”

Awlaki’s later terrorism proved he did not believe his own definition.

After making the above claim, Awlaki wrote the following:

-“the only way a Muslim could Islamically justify serving as a soldier in the US army is if his intention is to follow the footsteps of men like Nidal…The American Muslims who condemned his actions have COMMITTED TREASON AGAINST THE Muslim UMMAH and have fallen into HYPOCRISY.”

-“The BEST thing for da’wah is the SWORD…When the Messenger of Allah (SAW) was giving da’wah in Makkah for thirteen years, only a few hundred became Muslim. When he made hijrah to Madinah, within ten years, over a hundred thousand became Muslim. So how come his da’wah in Madinah was much more fruitful than his da’wah in Makkah? That was because he was using a SUPERIOR FORM of da’wah in Madinah and that is the da’wah of THE SWORD.”

Sounds like Awlaki changed his mind…or else he was at first lying in his claim about Muslims ‘perverting’ or twisting Islam.

Dear Boston Globe: Look up the word TAQIYYA.

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