Idiotic EU official defends paying “Palestinians” not to work

 Elder of Ziyon:

Idiotic EU official defends paying Palestinians not to work

The story was widely reported and brought the following letter to the editor of The Financial Times, from an EU official:

Sir, While I appreciate the welcome coverage given to the vital work being done by the EU in Palestine, your report “Brussels criticised for paying Gaza civil servants who no longer work” (December 11) is misleading. Indeed, it would have been useful to remind your readers that the existence of the Palestinian Authority, and its ability to provide basic services to its citizens, is a precondition for a “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This has been the cornerstone of EU policy on the conflict, fully supported by all member states. In this context,the European Commission and the member states have considered it vital that the Palestinian Authority is able to support its workers in the West Bank and in Gaza as a key element of a future Palestinian state.

They seem to believe the jiziya buys them ‘protection’ from Islamic terror attacks:

Gaza “civil servants”


In other news from the Elder:

“All your Masada belongs to us”

“Masada was a Jewish myth to invent their presence in the area”

The Guardian (as always) has a problem with Jews living in their ancestral land. Ma’an Arabic, showing its lack of basic journalistic standards yet again, takes this doubt about one detail of Masada and extends it to pretend that Jews were never in the area to begin with!

Pali Red Line:

Palestinian red line

Despite the image of untrustworthiness, Palestinians give great importance to the language used in the documents they are asked to sign. Yasser Arafat, generally viewed by most Israelis as an accomplished liar, refused to sign an agreement in 2000 that included a clause about an end to all demands. For him the conflict could end only by the eventual demise of Israel. Similarly, Abbas cannot bring himself to put his signature to a document which says that the Jews have returned to their homeland. We know that the perception of Jews being foreign invaders of Palestine is a fundamental widespread Palestinian attitude, which is instilled in the younger generations in the PA-run schools.

Why is there no retaliation?


Master Sergeant Shlomi and the wife He left behind.. Cohen  was killed by  a Lebanese sniper. Their child also left behind is less than a year old.

At last:

Dershowitz: Ignore International Law

International law is “a construct in the mind of a bunch of left wing academics,”

…. he said, in a lecture at the Institute of National Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv last week “There is no basis for international law in any reality. It’s not based on legislation. Much of it is not based on treaty. It is the ultimate exercise in elitist nondemocracy.”
Iran does not believe that its nuclear weapons program is in danger of being attacked, he estimated. It wrongly believes, he said, that Israel will not attack it unless the US gives it a green light.

3 thoughts on “Idiotic EU official defends paying “Palestinians” not to work”

  1. The Beduin are playing the same tired game:

    “Bedouins bear longstanding grievances stemming from economic deprivation and political alienation”

    “Economic deprivation” comes from not participating in economic activity. People who follow their goats around the desert cannot be expected to prosper economically.

    “Political alienation” comes from being illiterate and Islamic.

    Their grievances are fake.

  2. The European Union Is Paying Palestinians for Not Working

    The European Union (EU) has not hesitated in making known its criticisms of the State of Israel and its suggestions for boycotts against some Israeli products. Recently, the EU agency for combating racism has been unable to define the term “anti-Semitism” and has removed the working definition it adopted in 2005. By contrast, the EU has turned a blind eye to the fact that it has knowingly been paying Palestinians for not working.

  3. The EU, like the vile Guardian are both Communist fronts.

    As the Communist were famously anti-Semantic, so too is the EU and Guardian. And neither groups make any attempt to hide their hate the Jew sentiments.

    I like both these points below. Very thought provoking. Quite honestly, never thought about, in the manner you articulate your points.

    “Economic deprivation” comes from not participating in economic activity. People who follow their goats around the desert cannot be expected to prosper economically.

    “Political alienation” comes from being illiterate and Islamic.

    As an aside, Is it not also possible that part of the grievance is a bitterness that their God promised them that they, as faithful followers of a mad man would be Masters of the Universe and with the toys of the future, such as TV, automobiles, planes, the internet, etc. etc., Being painfully self aware and continuously reminded that they have never been further from that reward? Jealous? Resentful? Bitter?

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