Muslim Cleric Incites Children to ‘Slaughter’ Christians and Alawites in Syria

Syrian cleric: “the Christians, are they Muslims or infidels?”

Cleric Incites Children to ‘Slaughter’ Christians


A video recently appeared of an Islamic Sunni cleric in Syria inciting Muslim schoolboys, most of whom appear  to be between the ages of five-twelve, to hate and kill Christians and others.

An indoctrination that knows no bounds

According to a reportin Arabic (scroll down for video), among other things, the sheikh calls on the children to “slaughter all Christians for being infidels” and that he boasted that “the Christians of Syria are under continuous attack and their churches and monasteries subject to violence.”

In the video, the sheikh first  talks of Islam’s egalitarianism—that it does not consider the race, nationality, or language of people, only whether they have submitted to Islam by becoming Muslims or not—adding, “because the entire world is for Allah.” (More)


Police rescue woman convicted to public stoning by Taliban


According to local authorities in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan, a woman convicted by Taliban to public stoning, was resuced by Afghan police forces in northern Kunduz province.


Rise in honor killings among “Palestinians”; “Palestinian” official blames Israel

The “Palestinians,” as you can see from the story, are in complete denial about why these killings happen. Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide.

A Muslim who kills his wife or child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law.  (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

“Palestinians see worrisome trend in ‘honour’ killings rise,” by Noah Browning forReuters, December 11 (JW)


Jordanian Parliament: Jihad actions against Israel cannot be considered “terrorism”

And remember: Jordan is supposed to be “moderate.” In any case, this is an easy way for them to declare that they’re against “terrorism” while continuing to support the jihad against Israel

Indonesia warns of Christmas terror attack threat

Indonesian police have warned that Islamic extremists may be planning to target worshippers at Christmas and New Year celebrations in the capital Jakarta and other parts of the country. …

Indonesia – sending bombs as well as boats at Australia Network News

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  1. I’d say it’s more like muslims commit 100% of all “honour” murders worldwide, and here’s why: both India and Spain were violently invaded, raped and enslaved by islam for nearly 1,000 years each; thus, their indoctrinating “cultures” were heavily influendced by islamic crime; so today, all the not-quite-officially muslim “honour” murders occur in either India (where suttee developed as a means of honourable suicide by the women themselves to avoid baing raped and defiled by mudslimes) or in the allegedly ‘christian’ Central and South American colonies created by Spain! Nowehre else on earth does this occur!


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