No, Jesus was not a Palestinian (and Santa wasn’t black)

Update: Jesus was Lebanese!

Right on the heels of the Palestinian Authority’s annual bizarre labeling of Jesus as being “Palestinian,” Lebanese media are reporting that he was in fact – “Lebanese.”

Now you know!

In Christmas Message President Abbas Calls Jesus a “Palestinian Messenger”

 Jesus was a “Palestinian?”

That would put Jesus in interesting company.

What does Jesus have in common with Palestinian Arab terrorists?

 “Pali Messenger”  (GWP)

A Palestinian demonstrator dressed as Sa
And Santa was a rock-throwing Palestinian too, right?

In his annual Christmas message Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Jesus a Palestinian messenger of hope. (He forgot the change.)

Jesus was a Jew. He was not a “Palestinian”.

The ‘Palestinians’ have been trying to market Jesus as one of them. That’s just another lie. Carl in Jerusalem

Mahmoud Abbas’ offensive Christmas message

Much has been written about Mahmoud Abbas referring to Jesus as “Palestinian” in a Christmas address. But the rest of his Christmas message is no less offensive, as he attempts to use the Christian holy day as an excuse to extensively bash Israel.  Here is the entire message.

Abbas also talked about the impending release of more murderous terrorists - at the Church of the Nativity.

Don’t Christians find Abbas’ nauseating attempts to hijack the holiday for his own political purposes to be hugely offensive? Why is there no outcry about this cynical and sickening politicization of Christmas?


Israel to Abbas: No, Jesus was not a Palestinian

“He should have read the Gospel before uttering such offensive nonsense, but we will forgive him because he doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told The Times of Israel on Monday. Abbas’s statement is an “outrageous rewriting of Christian history,” according to Palmor.

No Jews allowed in Judea

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton joined ‘moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen at Christmas mass in Bethlehem, but most Israeli reporters were barred from attending (Carl knows one who snuck into the city). —Israeli reporters barred from Christmas services in Bethlehem

Netanyahu’s Christmas message

Dr Vacy Vlazna is “Coordinator of Justice for Palestine Matters.”

She appeals to the pope to give a helping hand to release the “suffering people of Gaza from the genocidal strangulation of Israel’s seven-year blockade.”–There is no end to this BS.

Omar Barghouti is an independent Palestinian human rights activist and a founding member of the BDS movement.

There is no such thing as an “independent Palestinian human rights activist”. Bargouti is a radical headbanger  and a representative of the Muslim ummah, just like Hamas, al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad or the PLO. There is no difference.

He is also full of shiite:

“… A South Africa moment is being reached by the BDS movement…”

The movement calling for the boycott, divestiture and sanction of Israel is gaining momentum globally.

Palestine Solidarity protest

“Leading academicians and artists, as well as some church groups, have headed BDS’ call” [AP]

WaPo: Dozens of U.S. universities reject academic boycott of Israel

Dozens of American colleges and universities are rejecting an academic boycott of Israeli universities recently approved by the academic American Studies Association, the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history. And a few schools said they are withdrawing from the organization.

Indiana University withdraws from American Studies Association

Indiana University has become the fourth academic institution to withdraw from the American Studies Association over the latter’s boycott of Israel.

Indiana University is the latest academic institution to announce its withdrawal from the ASA in protest of the boycott decision. Indiana University President Michael McRobbie noted the chilling effect such boycotts have on academic freedom.

The university joins Kenyon College, Penn State Harrisburg, and Brandeis University, which already announced their withdrawal from the ASA. Other prominent institutions of higher learning, including Harvard and Brown, have spoken against the boycott but refrained from moving against it formally.

Perhaps the biggest blow against the ASA, however, came this week in a strongly-worded condemnation from the Executive Committee of the Association of American Universities:

“Any such boycott of academic institutions directly violates academic freedom, which is a fundamental principle of AAU universities and of American higher education in general,” the statement read.
American colleges and universities, as well as like institutions elsewhere, must stand as the first line of defense against attacks on academic freedom.”

The statement also asserted that the boycott “clearly violates the academic freedom not only of Israeli scholars but also of American scholars who might be pressured to comply with it.”

This is quickly becoming a trend…..

Here’s the truth about ‘Palestine’

Watch Ambassador Danny Ayalon as he rebuts “The real Truth about Palestine

“Palestine was the Greco-Roman name for a region. In the year 135 AC, the name of the region became the official name of one of the provinces of the Roman Empire in an attempt to obliterate the connection between the Jewish people and Judea – the land they’ve inhabited for over 1000 years.

However, like Antarctica, the Amazons or the Sahara, naming a place doesn’t create a nation of Antarcticans or Saharans.

Oh, and for the record, Jesus was not a Palestinian, he was a Judean Jew.”

Let’s go to the videotape. (Carl)

7 thoughts on “No, Jesus was not a Palestinian (and Santa wasn’t black)”

  1. Palestinian Jesus? Islamic revisionism at it’s finest.

    Why, that would make all Palestinians Jews, as there was no such concept of Islam or Muslims.

  2. My wife gave me a DNA test kit for Christmas. I found out I am 5-9 percent Jewish. My paternal grandparents were from Ireland and my maternal grandparents were from Lebanon…Maronites. No Arabic genetic markers although I (was) supposedly 50 percent Lebanese. That Jewish blood must go back a lonnnnggg way in my mother’s family!

    I have to say after reading your blog: You guys are extremely bigtoted and hateful. Hateful and ridiculing and demeaning. Easily as much as any Arabic blog I’ve read. I guess it must be our nature as genetic Jews to be at least as hateful as the rest of the Semitic Fascists in the Middle East. But my Jewish blood doesn’t count to you does it? You formed an exclusive club so long ago you exclude your own and justify it when you want to. G_d help you, or Jesus, or Allah or whoever WILL help you. You keep hating and you keep building hate. You keep excluding and building exclusion. Jesus simply taught Love. Jesus was one of you–us–although I’m sure you don’t consider Jesus and me “us” like I consider you part of me. No. You’re different and superior. You said so. I’m not you–I’m a “Christian Idiot” aren’t I?

  3. @James Green,

    Take a deep breath and start all over again. You are all over the place with your ranting. Too bad for you, as you come across as a self hating Jew.

    As for your name calling. There is no hate here, only the truth. If you find it ugly that is your problem if you want to pretend otherwise, than go somewhere else.

    We are frank and prudent in our realism. We know what Islam is and what it means to be a Non-Muslim around Muslims from first hand experience from either living in a Muslim country or to having the misfortune of living near a Muslim colony around the world.

    Spare us your moral sanctimony, it is tedious and boring.

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