“Racist Norwegian Food” Not Good Enough For Mohammedan Welfare Fraudsters

Mohammedans reject “racist” Norwegian food

“We’re fleeing the war, not the food” one protester is quoted at the Norwegian news site fyret.nu.

“Muslim refugees complaining about the food the charitable Norway citizens are providing for them,”– they want their Middle Eastern food, not what the Norwegians eat. They march through the town with “Hunger Strike” scribbled on their blue cafeteria trays, accusing the Norwegians of racism.  (Pamela Geller)

“Steeds of War”

Taliban Magazine Urges Jihadis In America To Start Slaughtering Americans

You need a Honda and you need to leave your wife and kids behind.

Sweden: replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat

The nation of Sweden, and many of its EU neighbors, are suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

Native Swedes being kicked out of their homes and replaced by Muslim immigrants (Scroll down a bit)

Greece: Jews Praise Anti-Democratic Ban of ‘Golden Dawn’

The European Jewish Congress presented Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras with an award for his government’s support of a ban on the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

This won’t stand. By now it has  become painfully obvious to most Europeans that multiculti media labels any white person opposing them for being “racist–nazi-fascist-xenophobe”. Jews should not support this.

If you’re freezing, its “globull worming”

As Nation Suffers Record Cold, Snow… Greenpeace Warns of Global Warming (GWP)

That ‘carbon tax’ is kicking in:  A new look at NASA satellite data says the earth has set a new record for lowest temperature recorded. (Tim Blair)

Scientists made the discovery while analysing 32 years of global surface temperatures recorded by satellites.

 Does Nelson Mandela deserve credit  for not inciting blacks to  slaughter whites in South Africa?

He doesn’t. He also didn’t say a thing when the killing started.


Why the West wants to make flawed Mandela a saint

Gandhi was a failed lawyer who had to leave India for South Africa to make a living. He denounced railways, doctors, modern medicine, hospitals and most other elements of modern life. He also regarded South African blacks as mere savages and defended the Indian caste system. Similarly, Nelson Mandela had his full share of failings.

 Despite his reputation for reconciliation, he was not slow to play the race card when it suited him.

Beware the sanctification of Mandela. The good he did will be used to license evil.


Obama Compares Mandela to Gandhi, MLK and Lincoln in Eulogy

In reality, he is comparing them with himself.

But Mandela is no Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln.


Presidential Material:

Its getting worse for the troops:

Thanks To Obama

It is shameful for the President of the United States and the then-Secretary of State Shrillary Clinton apologise for the freedom of speech:

Shocker: TV spots featuring Obama and Clinton apologizing for Muhammad video haven’t stopped Pakistanis from hating U.S.


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  1. RE: Mohammedans reject “racist” Norwegian food

    Hunger strike? Please, these are Muslims, they’ll sneak off on the side and go into town for a bite to eat.

    It is a game of Chicken. Norway should play the game and see how many stick around without scurrying off to Sweden, Denmark or six feet under. It is a win win situation for them.

    RE: Cameron, Obama, and the Danish Bird…..classy. Real classy. Just the kind of behavior that you want your head of state to exhibit at an international funeral. SMH.

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