Stuffed Heads

Iraq: Seven beheaded bodies and five severed heads filled with explosives found


Don’t you dare investigate the ideology that fuels this savagery. That would be “hateful” and “extremist.” “7 Beheaded bodies found in Tikrit,” from NINA, November 29 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Tikrit (NINA) – Police in Salaheddin province found 7 beheaded bodies in Tikrit.Police source told NINA that the bodies found in various parts of Qadisiya neighborhood, northern Tikrit; they are bearing bullet shots.

He added that earlier in the day, the bodies’ heads were found, and been identified; they belonged to workers of an Italian firm the the [sic] Tirkit [sic] Stadium; 5 of them are residents of Tikrit while the remaining 2 are from Baghdad.

Earlier in the day, police found 5 heads filled with explosives in Qadisiya neighborhood in Tikrit, the explosive been deactivated and taken to the city morgue.

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