Sweden, determined to do away with itself….

Sweden’s March Into Oblivion

The fruits of denial.

Sweden is self-destructing, and more and more people are writing about it – but, with very few exceptions, still not in the mainstream Swedish media, where denial continues to reign supreme.  (Bruce Bawer)

Thousands rally against racism in Sweden

In Sweden, “ racism and nazism”  is real. It does not only exist in the fantasies of  leftist agitprops and their Mohammedan enablers. THEY are the new NAZIS. They are the RACISTS  they are warning us about;  they are determined to commit genocide on the Swedish people. For decades now, Swedes have been ideologically so indoctrinated by commie subversives and adherents of the NWO, that they see nothing wrong with committing mass-suicide just like the Jim Jones cultists in Guyana.

Huge crowds gather in Stockholm suburb, a week after similar gathering was attacked by neo-Nazis.


On December 15, a right-wing group attacked anti-nazi demonstrators in Karrtorp outside Stockholm.

So yes, lets “celebrate diversity”- by vilifying those who oppose genocide: