The AGE: with BS against the truth about “boat people”

We are not obliged to “be nice” to Mohammedan welfare seekers. We need to keep them out.

Andrew Bolt

Writer Susan Metcalfe in The Age:

Refugees have arrived in Australia by boat for years. Most are now contributing citizens, grateful just to be here, in spite of how we have treated them. 

A Department of Immigration survey of refugees:

Around 85% of Humanitarian entrants’ households are in receipt of Centrelink payments, while around 28% of Skilled migrants’ households make use of Centrelink payments…


Happy to have a debate on whether we should be more welcoming of boat people. But I have no tolerance for articles in which fine feelings are substituted for facts.

By all means be nice to boat people. (I beg to differ.)  But let’s also respect the facts

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