Ahmadiyya Top Dog Mirza Masroor Ahmad Condemns Geert Wilders’ Latest Attack on Islam


The leader of the PVV Party in Holland, Mr Geert Wilders, has up the ante ‘in a highly disturbing and provocative act’ against Islam, the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has charged.

According to Dutch News, the politician has placed a sticker on his parliamentary office door which reads, in Arabic, ‘Islam is a lie, Mohammed is a criminal, the Koran is poison.’ The insulting sticker, the news outlet said, “is a deliberate take-off of the Saudi Arabian flag.”

2db9fbc9abd25ee720f868c85cf09f97 Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Head-honcho of the persecuted Ahmadiyya who are seen as heretics by other Muslims, previously issued a warning to Geert Wilders during his visit to the Netherlands:

Addressing Wilders directly, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

“Listen carefully — You, your party and every other person like you will ultimately be destroyed. But the religion of Islam and the message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will remain forever. No worldly power, no matter how powerful and no matter how much hatred they bear towards Islam, will ever succeed in erasing our religion.”

The Leftards are beside themselves:

This latest attack on Islam, widely publicized by Geert Wilders himself, has been condemned by many leaders in the government in Holland, saying the politician is playing into the hands of extremists.

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans condemned the sticker saying this sort of action is counterproductive.

Frans Timmermans did not say what exactly is “productive” or what is produced by caving in to Mohammedan mores.

‘Insulting their religion is not the way to combat extremism but plays into extremists’ hands,’ minister Timmermans was quoted by Dutch News as saying. ‘The Dutch government is distancing itself from this.’

Telling the truth about Islam creates Islamic terrorists, telling the truth about crime creates more criminals…. or something….

The sticker is ‘disgusting’ and its only aim is to hurt people, deputy prime minister Lodewijk Asscher told Nos television.

Wilders will not hurt you, Lodewijk Asscher.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community, a vocal critic of Mr Wilders’ anti-Islam antics also condemned the act immediately “in the strongest possible terms.”

“Mr Geert Wilders, recently escalated his campaign against Islam by placing a crude and grotesque sticker on the door of his parliamentary office,” a press release issued by the community has stated.

1.5 gazillion mad Koranimals will come charging out and kill us all:

“Such a move can only hurt the sentiments of millions of innocent and peace loving Muslims across the world,” the Ahmadiyya press statement read. “It is held that no sane person could ever countenance conducting such a sustained and unjust campaign of abuse as Mr Wilders has over the past few years and as such the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat leaves the case of Geert Wilders in the Hands of God.”

Do not invoke the name of God in vain, Mustards. “Allah” and God is not the same thing.

Noting the sensitive state of the world’s religio-political environment, the Khalifa of Islam and the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat (His Holiness), Mirza Masroor Ahmad denounced the Wilders action saying the politician’s “provocative acts can only further destabilize the world and destroy its peace and harmony.”

No. Islam, Muslims and Islamic terror destabilise the world and destroy its peace and harmony.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat utterly condemns this latest attack on Islam by the Dutch politician Mr Geert Wilders,” His Holiness was quoted as saying. “We Ahmadi Muslims constantly call for peace, justice and tolerance at all levels of society and as such I reiterate that today’s world is in grave danger and so all people should work towards fostering a society based on love, compassion and mutual respect.

There is no such thing in Islam. There is conquest, subjugation, exploitation and slavery before  final annihilation of all non Muslims. Hazrat should have been given a kick in the ass and deported back to Pakistan.

“All parties should work towards ending all forms of hatred and should openly condemn any statements or acts that can cause pain and suffering.”

Islam should be forbidden and all Muslims repatriated to desert-holes of their choice.

The statement issued by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community expressed gratitude to the leaders in the Government of Holland, including the Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, for publicly expressing their condemnation of Mr Wilders’ latest act.

What a bunch of despicable cowards!

4 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Top Dog Mirza Masroor Ahmad Condemns Geert Wilders’ Latest Attack on Islam”

  1. Geert Wilders 10 points plan to save the West

    “… Ladies and gentlemen, I am often asked whether I have any answers to the problem and what those might be. Well, I certainly have some answers. Here are ten things we would have to do to stop the Islamization of the West:

    1. Stop cultural relativism. We need an article in our constitutions that lays down that we have a Jewish-Christian and humanism culture.

    2. Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. In other words, the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam. “Death for Apostasy” 4:89, Sahih Bukhari

    3. Stop mass immigration by people from Muslim countries. We have to end Al-Hijra.

    4. Encourage voluntary repatriation.

    5. Expel criminal foreigners and criminals with dual nationality, after denationalization, and send them back to their Arab countries. Likewise, expel all those who incite to a ‘violent jihad’.

    6. We need an European First Amendment to strengthen free speech.

    7. Have every member of a non-Western minority sign a legally binding contract of assimilation.

    8. We need a binding pledge of allegiance in all Western countries.

    9. Stop the building of new mosques. As long as no churches or synagogues are allowed to be build in countries like Saudi-Arabia we will not allow one more new mosque in our western countries. Close all mosques where incitement to violence is taking place. Close all Islamic schools, for they are fascist institutions and young children should not be educated an ideology of hate and violence. ISLAM EVIL IN THE NAME OF GOD: CHAPTER TWENTY ONE “TEACHING ISLAM TO CHILDREN IS CHILD ABUSE”

    10. Get rid of the current weak leaders. We have the privilege of living in a democracy. Let’s use that privilege and exchange cowards for heroes. We need more Churchills and less Chamberlains.

    In short, we have to go on the offensive and start fighting back. We must no longer allow ourselves to remain seated in our armchairs and get trampled over. If they bombard us with Sharia law, we will bombard them back with our human rights.…”

  2. a good leader doesn’t run too far ahead of his people. I doubt the people are prepared mentaly for whats coming. . I know they don’t have the weapons that the invaders have or will get.

  3. Re: ““All parties should work towards ending all forms of hatred and should openly condemn any statements or acts that can cause pain and suffering.””

    So the Ahmadiya chief wants us to ban islam, does he?!

    Check out Dajjal’s latest take on all these UN human rights/you aren’t allowed to blaspheme islam” articles:

    A/RES/60/288; A/RES/66/282; and: A/RES/68/119; all:

    “Reaffirming also that terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group… etc.”

    If there is no causal relationship between religion and terrorism, how can interfaith understanding combat terrorism?



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