The Jews, the Jews….

In Turkey, the Jews Own Everything

They even own the  warped minds of Mohammedan headbangers….


Turkey: Erdogan Blames Jews, Foreign Conspiracies as Political Warfare Rocks Country

the Jews even funded  Kemal Ataturk’s secular regime……. (thanks to TT)

“Secular regime in Turkey was founded by Jews… Media organizations(in Turkey) are owned by Jews… We will either ‘save our country’ or we will remain as servants of Jews… ‘Dark alliances’ are trying to set back Turkey by attacking Prime Minister Erdogan… There are certain groups of people who are responsible for every problem in Turkey…”–Turkish Newspaper Takvim, Ergun Diler

Jewish Culture?

Malaysia: Muslim group calls for New Year’s celebrations to be canceled because they reflect Jewish culture

new-years-eve.jpgAs far as Islamic supremacists are concerned, if it is something they hate, it must be Jewish — since the Jews are, according to the Qur’an (5:82), the worst enemies of the Muslims.

“Islamic groups call for NYE to be cancelled,” by Courtney Trenwith, December 29:

A Malaysian Muslim group has called for New Year’s celebrations to be cancelled because they reflect Jewish culture and will cause Muslim youths to commit sins.

We made him do it!

Turkish PM ErdoÄŸan: Corruption scandal a US-Israel conspiracy

PJ-Erdogan-1.jpgOf course. Who else but the Great Satan and the Little Satan could possibly be behind Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan’s troubles? Islamic supremacist conspiracy paranoia update: “ErdoÄŸan: Corruption Scandal a US-Israel Conspiracy,” from Israel National News, December 27:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan accused Israel and the United States of a conspiracy, Thursday, in connection with a corruption scandal that is undermining his government.

Egypt divided: is Muslim Brotherhood as bad as the Jews, or even worse?

Egypt’s former Mufti Ali Gomaa, considered a moderate, has slammed the Muslim Brotherhood by comparing them to Jews. He said that just as Jews consider themselves to be the Chosen People, so do the members of the Brotherhood think they are better than other Muslims.

But  Ibrahim Abaza, a leader of the Salafists in Egypt, said that the Muslim Brotherhood is even worse than the Jews are. You see, the jews are an external enemy and they don’t influence Muslims to act contrary to their religion, but the Brotherhood is more dangerous to Islam than the Jews becsuse they are tearing Islam aparts from the inside, and contributing ignorance and stupidity and deviation of Islamic doctrine and deviant ideas among the people of Islam.

It feels so important to be the yardstick of evil for 1.5 billion people.

3 thoughts on “The Jews, the Jews….”

  1. Erdogan’s blaming the Jews (US) again! How original.

    I think Morsi tried that line and it did not work in his home country either…maybe…Erdogan’s in for some of the same troubles as his Egyptian brother?

  2. My God. . . Insanity appears to be at the top of everybody’s list. All islamic names in the news worldwide seem to be in a contest to be branded Numero Uno in the “Craziest Coot” category!

    These allah-besotted creatures, it seems to me, need to take time off from their so-called religion, and try finding something called a BRAIN( and good luck with that). But hey, there’s no harm in trying. What have they got to lose?!. . .

  3. Agreed Dave – but the problem is that an idiot never knows that it is an idiot – and that applies to all islamic fundamentalists!

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