Two More “Aussie” Muselmaniacs Were Going Off To Join the Jihad in Syria

“Sydney Men”

Why is Australia their home? Is our door now shut?   (Andrew Bolt)

Why stop them from meeting the virgins?  All we need to do is prevent them from coming back.

I’m sure you heard about the  Al Qaeda fanatic from Britain who funded his jihad trip to Syria by mugging Londoners with a Taser.

You haven’t? Then you should click on that link.

Do you know that we have a whole lot of radical headbangers right here in Oz who are prepared to kill and die to make Islam rule over us? You haven’t?  Here it is:

Why stop them from going?

Wouldn’t it be much better to stop them from coming back?

Australia: Two More Aussie-Passport-Holding Muslim Men Were Going Off To Join the Jihad in Syria 

As reported by the ABC this afternoon. (Christina McIntosh)

“Two Sydney Men Arrested By AFP For Allegedly Attempting to Join Fighting In Syria”.

“Two Sydney men”. That is: “Two Sydney-Resident Muslims”.  Note: for the benefit of non-Australian readers: AFP is the acronym for ‘Australian Federal Police.’. – CM

“Police allege that one of two Sydney men arrested today is the ringleader of a criminal syndicate which has been helping recruit people (‘people’: that is – Sunni Muslims– CM) to travel to Syria to join the fight against the Assad regime.

That is: to join the Sunni Muslim jihad against the deemed-heretical Alawites. – CM

Crackdown on Aussie jihad in Syria to spread

Again: why are they here? Who opened the floodgates?


‘The arrests, which the Australian Federal Police say are not related to any local terrorism threat (that is: to any Muslim plots to attack Infidels here in Australia; but what of the hapless minority Christians in Syria, whom these bloodthirsty thugs are very likely to target? – CM), come after reports emerge that an Australian man (“Australian”?? he was not “Australian”, he was an Aussie-passport-holding Muslim - CM) had blown himself up in a suicide attack at a military airport in the east of Syria.

‘Hamdi Al Qudsi, 39 (so – not  a hot-headed ‘youth’; he would have been born in 1974 – in Australia? or somewhere else?  did his family come to Australia as Lebanese Muslim ‘refugees’ in the 1970s or 1980s? if they and all the other Muslims had never been admitted in the first place, we wouldn’t have to worry about all this ugly stupidity, now – CM) has been charged with seven offences, including being a conduit for people (that is: Sunni Muslims – CM) leaving Australia to fight in armed hostilities against the Syrian government.

They see themselves as waging jihad to destroy the hated Alawite heretics. They would hate the Alawites and seek to crush them no matter what the Assad regime had done or not done.  At bottom the Alawites are hated for being Alawites; that’s all that it takes.  Heretic, apostate, infidel = somebody who must be trampled beneath the feet of the pious Muslim…or annihilated altogether.  The hate that is driving these Sunni Muslims from all over the world to swarm to Syria to attack the now-seen-as-vulnerable Alawites is also – the sooner Australian citizenry, law enforcement and lawmakers realize it, the better – directed toward all infidels everywhere, including those infidels who surround them, in Australia.  – CM


‘Police allege five young men (five young Sunni Muslim men – CM) left Australia for that purpose between late June and July this year.

I assume that we know exactly who they are?  If so: what steps are being taken to prevent them from returning, to attack and kill Infidels in Australia – supposing that they do not, in Syria, emulate that other murder-‘martyr’ who blew himself up in the attempt to kill as many Alawites as possible?? – CM

‘Al Qudsi appeared in Bankstown court this afternoon and was granted bail with very strict conditions, but will be held at Sydney’s Silverwater jail until he can produce the $10,000 security required.

???  !!! Someone like this should not be granted bail, period (though, to be frank, if he flitted off to Syria to jump into the intra-Ummah bloodbath there, I would be glad to be rid of him…so long as he was stopped from coming back).  But if someone – or more than one – does stump up the cash, I hope the AFP and the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, and ASIO, will take an interest in them.  Follow the money.  And I wonder what mosque he attends?  I wonder what mosque those five eager-beaver jihadis attended?  I hope it is being bugged, and searched, and thoroughly investigated. – CM

‘The second man, 23 year old Amin Mohammed, was arrested as he was due to board a plane from Brisbane airport to Syria, allegedly to help fight in the conflict.

I’d have let him go…but I’d have cancelled his passport once I knew he was in Syria. I wonder what airline he was flying with? QANTAS, via Dubai??  But I guess the passengers on that flight are heaving sighs of relief at his having been arrested; especially whoever it was who would have been his seat-mate; imagine finding out that you would have had this high-on-Quran, Sira and Hadith jihad-intoxicated dreaming-of-slitting-throats mohammedthug sitting in the seat next to you for hours and hours and hours…-  CM

‘he was also granted bail with strict conditions but remains in custody after failing to come up with the $5,000 bond.

No-one in the Ummah stumped up for him?  Looks like he’s being tossed under the bus. Damage control…- CM

‘AFP Deputy Commissioner Peter Drennan says the arrests were the result of a joint investigation between the AFP and NSW Police.

“We will allege one of the men is responsible for arranging overseas contacts, facilitating travel into Syria for Australian citizens (that is: for Muslims who hold Australian passports – CM) to fight on the front line”, he said.

“Police will allege six people were facilitated into Syria and one was stopped by Australian authorities from leaving the country.

Why stop them?  Let’s just hurry up and rejig the immigration and citizenship laws so that Muslims who go off to jihad hotspots can be prevented from returning to the infidel lands where their Ummah fifth-column colony of origin is currently resident; then there would be no problem, indeed, the more of them left, the better. – CM

“Police also allege that the other male committed a number of acts (‘acts’ – odd phrasing, this.  Had he, like that other Mohammedan from London, scratched up the money to buy the ticket, etc, for his Excellent Jihad Adventure, by robbing infidels? – CM) to leave Australia and to travel to Syria to fight in armed hostilities”.

‘He said the men were linked to a terror organisation (jihad gang no. 1001 – and counting – CM) Jabhat al-Nusra, which was affiliated with Al Qaeda.

And where does Al Qaeda come from?  It didn’t magically pop out of thin air.  It is a completely natural and to-be-expected outgrowth from or crystallisation of the Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob.  The Ummah is the nurturing sea within which the jihadists swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge. Got Muslims? – got Jihad. – CM

‘Joining Syrian rebels a criminal offence in Australia’

“Federal Attorney-General George Brandis says the arrests are a reminder of the risks to Australia’s national security from people who support or engage in foreign conflicts.

Translation:’  from Muslims who take Islam to heart.’ – CM

‘Senator Brandis says the threat posed by Australian travellers (sic: by Australian-passport-holding muslims who travel – CM) to Syria and other conflict zones (‘conflict zones’ = ‘jihad hot-spots’ – CM) is “significant” and will likely have long-term implications for national security.

Not if we get a clue and start figuring out how to rejig our laws so that such Muslims can be 1/ stripped of the Australian citizenship that is for them merely a temporary and tactical convenience and 2/ prevented, at all costs, from re-entering Australia..or, for that matter, from entering any other part of the Lands of the Non-Muslims. – CM

‘Deputy Commissioner Drennan said while he understood the desire for the Australians from within the Syrian community (what ‘Syrian community’? – Sunni Muslims from Syria want to crush the Alawites and instal a Sunni Muslim sharia despotism; the Shiite Muslims from Syria – some of whom doubtless are in with the viciously-antisemitic Hezbollah who hate Infidels just as much as the Sunnis do, are siding with the Alawites in order to stick it to the even-more-hated Sunnis; meanwhile, the Syrian Christians who are lucky enough to have found relative safety in Australia are not taking up arms – they are merely worried sick, and praying desperately that a jihad genocide of the indigenous Christian minority in Syria may somehow be averted – CM) to act, joining the rebels was a criminal offence in Australia, irrespective of whether people were linking up with terrorist organisations.

” Jahbut al-Nusra has been proscribed by the Australian Government as a terrorist organisation”, he said.

Good. It’s a start.  Now, let’s also ban Hizb ut Tahrir, Tablighi Jamaat, the Ikhwan, Fethullah Gulen, and any number of other sinister Mohammedan entities. – CM

“Al Qaeda and its affiliates are also terrorist organisations.

“Travelling offshore to be involved in armed conflicts (‘armed conflicts’ – it’s Jihad, sir; come on, we all know what they’re doing, say it; they’re going off to take part in bloodthirsty jihad against 1/ deemed-heretical other-sect Muslims, and 2/ defenceless minority Christians – CM) and facilitating travel for others to do this are criminal offences.  The law in this area is quite clear.

“I realize the situation in Syria is an important issue for many people in our communities.  There is no justification for violence.

“The fighting, killing of people, or people being killed shouldn’t be glorified or justified for any reason.

“There are a number of alternative and lawful ways people in Australia can help through the United Nations agencies or nongovernmental organisations such as Red Cross, Save the Children, or World Food Program, who are providing assistance in and around Syria”.

Oh yes, there are things we can do.  I commend to charity-minded non-Muslims here present the Christian organisation, The Barnabas Fund, who have been working with the indigenous minority Christians in Syria (and in Iraq, and elsewhere in the vicinity) for twenty years now, have local contacts within the church, and are finding ways of getting food and medicine in to the most severely endangered – in fact, mortally imperilled – people of all, namely, those Syrian Christians, some of whom are in fact from Iraq, from which they have been driven out by genocidal Jihad.  I would donate to Barnabas rather than to any of the UN bodies mentioned by our well-meaning Mr Drennan, since only money given to Barnabas stands a chance of actually getting to the neediest people of all – the Christians.  And apart from that, I suggest that Australian non-Muslims, and citizens of other majority non-Muslim lands, start telling our governments that if we are going to take in any refugees from Syria, then we must not take in even one Muslim (after all – taking in Somali and Lebanese Muslim ‘refugees’ has proven to be a social disaster); all our ‘Syria’ refugee places should be reserved for the Christians, since unlike all other parties in the murderous mess in Syria they are utterly defenceless and in danger of being subjected to genocide. – CM

‘NSW Police Deputy Commissioner, Catherine Burn, said she was confident the arrest will make it harder for people to travel to Syria to take up the fight.

“I think the critical aspect of this investigation is that we have identified who we believe is the principal person involved in the facilitation network of sending people over to Syria to engage in conflict”, she said.

To engage in conflict”. To wage murderous Jihad. – CM

‘That has taken some months to identify and I think that that will have put a significant dent into this particular network that is operating”.

Other networks will be created.  Are you listening in on the chatter around the Sunni mosques in Sydney? – CM

‘Four Australians have been killed in fighting in Syria.

Four ‘Australians’?? No: ‘four Muslims holding Australian passports’.  And  I do not mourn them, because that is four immediately-dangerous jihad-minded Mohammedan males who will not now be lurking, like ticking time bombs, in the midst of Aussie suburbia. – CM

‘At least four Australians (four Muslims holding the temporary and tactical convenience of a passport and citizenship papers issued by an Infidel country whose infidel laws and customs they have been taught to hate and treat with contempt – CM) are known to have been killed in the fighting, and intelligence agencies are thought to be tracking about 100 Australians (100 Aussie-passport-holding Muslims – CM) active in the Syrian conflict.

‘The conflict (like other hotspots of jihad in the dar al Islam or on its edges, now and in the past – CM) is a magnet for idealistic young Muslim men, looking to prove their commitment to their faith.

Wow, Auntie!  For once, you’re actually telling it straight.  These guys are…devout, orthodox, bog-standard Muslims, setting out to wage jihad fi sabil allah, to fight in ‘allah’s cause’. They are obeying the jihad imperative which is hard-wired into Islam, into the religion of blood and war. – CM

The Government is concerned that some individuals will be further radicalised (will become even more fervently infidel-hating, more zealously bloodthirsty – CM) by their experiences overseas and could use their training to conduct terrorist operations (that is, to wage jihad against Australian non-Muslims – CM) upon returning to Australia.

Then for god’s sake, let’s change the law so that we can strip these bloodthirsty jihadis, these Mohammedan Mobsters, of their citizenship, cancel their passports, and stop them from getting back in!!   How hard is it to see this obvious commonsense course of action!  They are not Australian. Their primary and sole loyalty is to the de facto Empire of Islam.  They are using us. Let’s stop allowing ourselves to be used.  Dont. let. them. back. in.  If they are let back in, then whoever authorises that act of supine submission should be held at least partly responsible for whatever acts of mass-murderous bloodshed – at a school, a sportsground, a Jewish synagogue, a Christian church, a shopping centre, a bus, a train, a public gathering – these murderous mohammedans carry out – sooner or later – on Australian soil.  If they are not let back in, the probability of such an attack being carried out decreases perceptibly. If they are let back in, it increases.  So: let’s stop playing Muslim roulette.  – CM

‘In a report to Parliament last year, ASIO went as far as to warn that Australians fighting in Syria may return to “engage in terrorism”, and it is thought that some of the Australians who have been killed have been fighting with Jahbat-al-Nusra, a grou with direct links to Al Qaeda.

If we don’t want to see Australian schoolkids beheaded or Australian shoppers butchered as those in Westgate in Nairobi were butchered, then we must refuse to let these blooded and bloodthirsty jihadis back into Australia, from Syria. – CM

“Australians who are currently training or fighting overseas may also return to Australia to engage in terrorism (to wage murderous jihad against Australian Infidels, whom they hate and desire to kill or subjugate, just as much as they desire to hate and kill the Alawite and Shiite heretics and Christians infidels in Syria – CM), use their knowledge of Australia to help others plan an attack, or engage in terrorism overseas”, the report said.

‘However, Deputy Commissioner Drennan was quick to “reassure the Australian community that this is not about a terrorist attack here in Australia”.

Yet.  If we are stupid enough to let these blooded jihadis back in (supposing they don’t meet a sticky end in Syria, which would save us a whole lot of trouble), then it willbe about a terrorist attack here, in time.  And there is something else to think about: those 100 jihad-minded Mohammedans busy wallowing in the bloodbath in Syria acquired their jihad-mindedness right here in Australia.  Their existence tells me that there are imams and sheikhs in Australia busy preaching Jihad, and Muslims in their ‘congregations’ simply lapping it up. – CM

‘Most of the about 400 Australians (that is: Australian-passport-holding Muslims – CM) currently involved in the Syrian conflict are thought to be working with the forces opposing the Assad regime.

‘Although some are actively engaged in the fighting, others are (supposedly – CM) working as volunteers for humanitarian agencies and other Islamic groups.

In other words: some are doing the fighting and others are engaged in logistical support for the fighters. That doesn’t mean that these folks are any less dangerous, that they are any less likely to be filled with murderous hatred and contempt toward the Alawites, the Shiites, the Christians…Should these people return to Australia, they are the people who will do nothing to stop, and quite possibly much to enable, any jihad attack upon Australian infidels, whom they doubtless despise just as much as they despise Syrian infidels.  – CM


Leftist Posh Boys and the Brown Exotic

There is a long tradition of posh Trotskyists/progressives condescending what they take to be the brown exotic. (Prince Charles, who’s not a Trot, also indulges in this pastime with all things Islamic and Arabic; just as Sir Richard Francis Burton, another upper-class gentleman, did in the 19th century.)  more>>>

The New Orientalism: Why Posh Leftists Adore Muslims & the Muslim World 

by Paul Austin Murphy (December 2013)

I feel that we in the West could be helped to rediscover those roots of our own understanding by an appreciation of the Islamic tradition’s deep respect for the timeless traditions of the natural order.” – Prince Charles

“Where else can you sit down in a single evening and listen to senior people from Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood…?” – John Rees (ex-SWP, now Counterfire/ Stop the War Coalition (StWC), and a regular contributor to Iran’s Press TV and the Islam Channel)

If they are so keen to send people to Syria, why are they here?

THE husband of controversial Muslim woman Carnita Matthews is one of two people arrested today for sending Australians to fight on the front lines of Syria’s civil war.

Hamdi Alqudsi, 39, … is the husband of Ms Matthews’ who is best known for her run in with police, when she refused to remove her burqa during a random breath test, two years ago.

Gosh, we’re a soft touch:

Hamdi Alqudsi claims to live a quiet, modest life.

Surviving on a disability pension and supposedly with less than $500 to his name, he lives in a small western Sydney home with one of his two wives, Carnita Matthews…

Who let them in? Is our door now shut?

A CRACKDOWN on Australians travelling to Syria to fight with jihadists is set to widen, with police preparing to charge a third suspected extremist currently in jail on attempted murder charges

Hamdi Alqudsi, 39, and Amin Iman Mohamed, 23, both from Sydney, appeared in court…

AFP Deputy Commissioner Peter Drennan said police would allege Mr Alqudsi was “responsible for organising travel to Syria for Australian citizens to fight on the frontline, including with Jabhat al-Nusra and then with other al-Qa’ida-affiliated groups”…

Some of Mr Alqudsi’s supporters in court refused a request from the NSW Sheriff’s officer to remove their hats inside the courtroom.

That’s part of the law? It’s not our law,” said one of the men, who declined to give his name.

Mr Mohamed’s lawyer, Peter Allport, …  said his client was part of the “Somali diaspora” who had fled the civil war and chaos in the East African country…

About 80 Australians, mostly dual nationals, are believed to be assisting the Syrian rebels in combat roles

All those who Mr Alqudsi allegedly helped to travel to Syria were Australians and are understood to have come from a “variety” of backgrounds, marking them out from other Australians who have fought in Syria, most of whom have been Lebanese-Australian dual nationals.

According to court documents, their names are: Tyler Casy aka Abu Qaqa, Caner Temel aka Abu Moussa, Mehmet Biber aka Abu Abdul Malik, Muhammed Abdul Karim Musleh aka Abu Hassan, Mahmoud Abed Aboshi aka Abu Alem, Nassim Elbasha and Mr Mohamed, aka Abu Bilal.


Note: the charges have not been proven. Those charged must be presumed innocent.

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