UK: Its Colonisation, Not Immigration

Muselmanic Clown Mocks Christmas in the Guardian

Strange that leftist dipshits and their Mohammedan pets never mock Islam, isn’t it? Here is a Paki clown poking fun at Christianity. Guardianistas have lost their  (collectivist) minds.

Citizen Khan:

 Muslims think it’s a wonderful celebration almost on a par with Ramadan – and that Father Christmas is Pakistani…

…wasn’t Jesus a Muslim prophet, too? OK, so he is not the best one, but he can still have a birthday party, isn’t it! Christmas time is wonderful; the food, the singing, the party games. It’s almost as crazy as Ramadan

Adil Ray as Mr Khan in Citizen Khan: 'We can charge time and a half for taxi rides on Christmas Day.Christmas Day is one of the happiest days of the year for Pakistanis up and down the country. We can charge time and a half for taxi rides….

Not immigation but colonisation

Some forms of immigration to the West now look like colonisation instead: 

Dozens of Muslim protestors gathered to demand that businesses stop selling alcohol in a popular East London area yesterday.

The group, led by former Al-Muhajiroun leader Anjem Choudary, warned restaurants and shops in the Brick Lane area that they face 40 lashes if they continue to sell the product, which is banned under Sharia Law… (Andrew Bolt)

UK: Jihad preacher Anjem Choudary tells store owners who sell alcohol to “fearAllah”

This is a veiled threat, since in the Qur’an Muslims are the executors of Allah’s wrath. More on the anti-alcohol protest: “Video: ‘Fear Allah’, hate preacher Anjem Choudary tells shopkeepers at anti-alcohol march,” by Adam Barnett for the Docklands & East London Advertiser, December 13, (thanks to JW)

2 thoughts on “UK: Its Colonisation, Not Immigration”

  1. sorry you have the wrong end of the stick here,
    “citizen khan” is a character in a severely unfunny “sitcom”
    on british television,
    that attempts to portray pakistani muslims
    as funny and self deprecating,carefully avoiding any mention of islam
    as scared of it as any self censoring infidel.

  2. apologies, please remove my previous post!
    of course you know all that!
    didn’t read the guardian thing before I posted……….

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