Wake up and smell the coffee: Turkey is not ‘secular’- and Erdogan is a “breaker of hands…”

Wannabe caliph Erdogan becomes increasingly unhinged:

Turkey’s Prime Minister warned his rivals he would ‘break their hands’ if they used a widening graft scandal to undermine his rule, as thousands of angry protesters called for the government’s resignation.

‘Everyone will know their place’


His heated remarks came as riot police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse several thousand demonstrators in Istanbul who were calling on the AKP government to step down.

‘Everywhere is bribery, everywhere is corruption’

Observers have linked last week’s police raids targeting scores of people to tensions between Erdogan and followers of the Gulen movement which boiled over when the government announced plans to shut down a network of private schools run by the Islamic cleric, a major source of revenue for the group.

Gulenists were previously key backers of the AKP, helping it to win three elections in a row since it first took office in 2002.

Erdogan has responded to the mass detentions by sacking dozens of police officials, including the Istanbul police chief, for cooperating with the investigation without permission.

Local media reported yesterday that another 25 police chiefs had been fired in the fast-moving saga.Read more @ Daily Mail


The Myth of Turkish Secularism

by David Boyajian thanks to GoV

Turkey is a secular state. So claim its government and nearly all mainstream Western media. They are mistaken.

In civilized, democratic countries, secularism means not only a respectful separation between church and state but also freedom of religion. As we shall demonstrate, Turkish policies have long been the antithesis of secularism.

The Turkish government massively supports and funds Islam — specifically Sunni Islam — inside the country. Turkey simultaneously represses religions such as Alevism, and bullies and persecutes indigenous Christians, most of whom it liquidated in 20th century genocides. Moreover, it uses Islam to project Turkish political power into Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. Turkey’s system is more properly termed State Islam.

This article is not a criticism of Islam or its faithful. We respect both. Turkey’s secularism myth, nevertheless, cries out to be laid bare…

           — Hat tip: Andy Bostom

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