Its official: Keysar Trad is a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”. …

“Out of context”

Muslim community leader Keysar Trad loses defamation case against 2GB’s Jason Morrison

The NSW Court of Appeal yesterday ruled the former 2GB Radio announcer did not defame Mr Trad when he described him as a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”. …

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2 thoughts on “Its official: Keysar Trad is a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”. …”

  1. It’s Glorious.
    So Glorious – to be recognised for what one truly is ….
    Keysar Trad is a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”

    Official Designation by (The NSW Court of Appeal).

    So – NOW it’s “Official”.
    So – WHY DOES Keysar Trad ( a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”) STILL RESIDE IN AUSTRALIA ?????

    Off With his (+ All Family Members) Heads – To Any Arab-Block-Islamic Country.
    Finger Printed and DNA Sampled and Facially Recognised, ensuring “Western” exclusion for life.
    (Not only FROM Australia BUT ALL Western/Democratic non-muslim Countries.)

    The ideal Islam Solution – deport ASAP ALL Muslims ONLY to Any Arab-Block-Islamic Country.
    This ensures the entire muslim global population (about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world’s population – Pew Research) live ONLY in Arab-Block-Islamic Countries – ALL CROWDED TOGETHER – and never allowed to leave (technologically imprisoned) – while simultaneously decreasing the land area of the Arab-Block-Islamic Countries.

    People ARE truly realising ….
    “Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison.”
    Thank you Geert Wilders.

    and have a reality that will ….
    Thank you anonymous me.
    is occurring.

    So be it – Amen!

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