2 thoughts on “Its official: Keysar Trad is a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”. …”

  1. It’s Glorious.
    So Glorious – to be recognised for what one truly is ….
    Keysar Trad is a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”

    Official Designation by (The NSW Court of Appeal).

    So – NOW it’s “Official”.
    So – WHY DOES Keysar Trad ( a “disgraceful” and “dangerous individual”) STILL RESIDE IN AUSTRALIA ?????

    Off With his (+ All Family Members) Heads – To Any Arab-Block-Islamic Country.
    Finger Printed and DNA Sampled and Facially Recognised, ensuring “Western” exclusion for life.
    (Not only FROM Australia BUT ALL Western/Democratic non-muslim Countries.)

    The ideal Islam Solution – deport ASAP ALL Muslims ONLY to Any Arab-Block-Islamic Country.
    This ensures the entire muslim global population (about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world’s population – Pew Research) live ONLY in Arab-Block-Islamic Countries – ALL CROWDED TOGETHER – and never allowed to leave (technologically imprisoned) – while simultaneously decreasing the land area of the Arab-Block-Islamic Countries.

    People ARE truly realising ….
    “Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison.”
    Thank you Geert Wilders.

    and have a reality that will ….
    Thank you anonymous me.
    is occurring.

    So be it – Amen!

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