Al Qaeda Solicitor Lynne Stewart Walks Free

“I didn’t want to die in prison”….

A dying former civil rights lawyer convicted in a terrorism case and sentenced to 10 years in prison was released from prison on Tuesday after prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Prisons made the recommendation to a judge.

Lynne Stewart is not a nice person. She is  openly engaged in treason, subversion and is convicted for aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism.

She is an accomplice to Abdel Rahman, the “blind sheik” from the first WTC bombing, who  enjoined his fellow Muslims everywhere  to kill Americans, even children, “to treat them with brutality,” and to “drown their ships, shoot down their airplanes, kill them on earth, in the sea or in the sky, kill them everywhere you find them”.

Billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros’s Open Society Institute contributed $20,000 to her defense.  She had represented Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, and murderers of policemen.  Assorted socialist organizations and fronts including Refuse and Resist, Pravda, and the World Socialist Website rallied behind her.

Stewart declared she would fight  “the entrenched voracious type of capitalism that is in this country that perpetuates sexism and racism” – which can be a bit confusing. Was she really too dumb to realise that  she supported the worst Islamic savages who would have put her in a burqa and stoned her to death for complaining about it?

article-2532330-1A60CD5500000578-8_634x422‘It’s just really wonderful,’ 74-year-old Lynne Stewart said in a telephone interview after being freed from the Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas. ‘I’m very grateful to be free. We’ve been waiting months and months and months.–‘Read more

In other news:

Ex-envoy: Israel killed majority of those behind Buenos Aires blasts


Israel has killed most of those behind the deadly attacks on its embassy and a Jewish charities building in Argentina in the 1990s, a former Israeli envoy said Thursday. (Look out for moralising morons whinging about “International Law” blaming Israel for “the cycle of violence etc….)


4 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Solicitor Lynne Stewart Walks Free”

  1. Stewart is not an idiot but a very nasty criminal. Hopefully, since the thug is 74, she cannot do too much more damage.

    Folks, please read “Altlas Shrugs” blog to see an accurate account of the number of Buhhists murdered or injured by musilms in Southern Thailand this year. Note that this is just one reference -there are others which folks can dig up for themselves. Cross-referencing confirms the scale of the casualties. It is incredible that morons like hannah blaarg (name changed to pretect the guilty) still feel the need to openly lie to protect islam. islam is its own worst enemy and musims prove this on a daily basis by their own actions.

  2. Hopefully this putrid piece of Satan / allah Spawned Filth will be dealt with by the People of America that she so viciously sought to destroy.
    After they finish with it they might be emboldened enough to deal with her fellow Satanist and allah worshipper Obama.

  3. She should have been executed.
    I believe in some states of the USA you can be executed for killing ONE human being, this piece of Democrat Leftist Crap was supporting / apologising for / defending and facilitating her Islamo Nazi Leftist Democrat foot soldiers efforts to slaughter as many Americans as possible whenever they so choose to do so.

    It’s time for Americans to say enough is enough……… you disagree ?
    The largest most powerful military force on earth is only a phone call away from been in the control of those sworn to DESTROY America and its people ……….I know what your thinking, hey our Navy Army Air Force would not turn on its own people but hey it only takes ONE CULTURALLY DIVERSE Military “personed” department to ensure the elimination of those classified as Americans OFF the Map along with Western Judeo Christian Democracy.
    Osama may be Dead, but his ideology is Obama White House Policy

    1. She should have been executed, yes. But now there are people and forces at work that will have us executed for not singing the praises of the Islamo-commie alliance. We are not quite there yet, but its all happening….

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