Daughter claims Pali envoy in Prague who blew himself up was "deliberately killed"

The Jews, the Jews.  Same old, same old:

Unlicensed weapons found at “Palestinian” diplomatic mission in Prague after envoy killed in mysterious explosion at his residence


Arms cache found at Prague home of dead Pali envoy

Illegal arsenal contained enough weapons for 10 men; Palestinians change story about safe in explosion which killed Jamel al-Jamal Wednesday

A large, illegal weapons stockpile was found at the home of the Pali ambassador in Prague, Jamel al-Jamal, Czech media reported, a day after al-Jamal was killed in an explosion there.

Mysterious explosives and unlicensed weapons. Was this “Palestinian” “diplomat” preparing for jihad in Prague? “Deliberately killed” — watch for the “Palestinians” to start blaming Israel forthwith. I am surprised it hasn’t started already. “Daughter sees foul play in death of Palestinian envoy,” by Jan Lopatka and Nidal al-Mughrabi forReuters, January 2: (JW)

PRAGUE/GAZA (Reuters) – The Palestinian envoy to Prague was ‘deliberately killed’, his daughter alleged on Thursday, a day after he died in a mysterious explosion after opening a safe in his residence.

Czech police said the blast that killed ambassador Jamal al-Jamal might have been caused by mishandling an explosive securing the safe. They said they were not treating it as an attack or a terrorist incident.

In a further twist, investigators found unlicensed weapons at the Palestinian diplomatic mission, and the Czech foreign ministry said it would demand an explanation.

Jamal suffered lethal injuries to his head, chest and abdomen in the explosion on New Year’s Day. His daughter Rana al-Jamal, 30, told Reuters: “We believe my father was killed and that his death was something arranged and not an accident. How? We do not know and that is what we want to know.”

Jamal had been in Prague only since October but had previously served at the mission for two decades from the mid-1980s, the daughter said. He had used the safe during that period and it remained in Prague when he left, she added by telephone from Ramallah in the West Bank.

The Palestinian mission is in the process of moving into a new embassy and residence, which share the same compound. Jamal was killed at the new residence.

“The safe was emptied and moved to the house. My father had been putting documents inside it and it was open,” Rana al-Jamal said. “The explosion took place while he used it.”

She said her mother, who was there at the time, had told her the safe had not been badly damaged.

Nabil el-Fahel, a spokesman for the Palestinian mission, said the safe was being used on a daily basis to store cash….

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  1. Rubbish – he triggered his own devices by accident. One would expect nothing more from the daughter, who has a a high probability of being a potential terrorist herself. But some questions are pertinant.
    1) Why was the pali terrorist stockpiling explosives on Prague?
    2) Given the non-existent honesty of the palis why was this “person” even allowed to set up an “embassy” and
    3) since there is no palestinian state how can an “official embassy” for it exist?

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