Another "Australian Aid Worker" Meets Virgins… in Syria

Another young Australian man who travelled to Syria to fight in the civil war has been killed.

“Our” ABC insists that the perp was an “Australian man”. He wasn’t. He was a soldier of allah, loyal only to the ummah, the 1.5 gazillion muselmaniacs around the world who are religiously obliged to kill and die until the religion of the meshugga profit of Islam is the only one that remains.


Caner Temel, 22, was recruited to fight against the Assad regime allegedly for Al Qaeda and its affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra.

Caner Temel, 22, was recruited to fight against the Assad regime allegedly for Al Qaeda and its affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra.

Temel is from Auburn in Sydney’s west and is of Turkish descent.

His death comes just days after the killing of Sydney couple Yusuf and Amira Ali near Aleppo last weekend.

Early reports suggested that the couple was in Syria for humanitarian reasons but it has since been revealed Ali was allegedly fighting for Jabh at al Nusra.

Both Temel and Ali were allegedly aided by Sydney man Hamdi Al Qudsi to travel to Syria.

Court documents filed late last year state Temel (aka Abu Moussa) was in Syria with the intent to “engage in hostile activity”.

In December, Al Qudsi was arrested and charged with assisting people to travel to Syria to fight in the long-running conflict.

He faces seven charges under the Crimes Act relating to foreign incursions and recruitments and faces a maximum of 10 years in jail.

Between June and August last year, Al Qudsi is accused of helping Temel travel to the region to engage in “armed hostilities”.

The Australian Federal Police say Al Qudsi has links to the banned terrorist organisation Jabhat al-Nusra Front, which is affiliated to Al Qaeda.

Friends of Temel have taken to Facebook to express sorrow at his death saying he has been martyred in Syria, with one post lamenting his death in Arabic saying “May God have mercy on his soul”.

Family and friends are being called together for a memorial service this evening.

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  1. Now – How about deporting from Australia this (Parasitic) Muslim’s Family to the sands of the Arabian Peninsular.

    WHY ????
    This (Parasitic) Muslim and his (Parasitic) Muslim Family believe that they are ALL the PROUD beneficiaries of the coveted “EXPRESS PASS” to Islam Heaven because of this martyred death – as do the rest of the (Parasitic) Muslim world .

  2. If only they were dying in Syria faster and in greater numbers than they breed in Australia. Our problem would be solved.

  3. Aussie Man my arse . Muslim first Aussie never. Deport these animals now. The results of not deporting these savages, will be they will someday out number us. DO WE WANT THIS To Happen. Too late to cure a disease once you have it.

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