Chechnyan despot Ramzan Kadyrov to pay $1,000 for every newborn "Mohammad"

Families in Chechnya who name their newborns “Mohammad,” will be given $1,000 from Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.
UK: we will outbreed you with the bellies of our women….
UK: 10% of babies are Muslim—  One in ten children under the age of four is now Muslim in England and Wales
Canada: PM Harper tells  agitprops from Hamas-CAIR to get stuffed
The  CAIR headbangers tried to prevent Toronto Rabbi Daniel Korobkin from going to Israel as part of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s delegation  because he spoke at an event featuring outspoken blogger Pamela Geller.

On her blog, Geller fired back.

“If only these Muslim groups used their coercive intimidation to shut down hate imams who preach jihad and incitement to violence. No, but they attack those of us who do,” Geller wrote.

The Obama-Holder In-Justice Department to prohibit agents from considering religion Islam in counterror investigations

Because who ever heard of Muslims being involved in terrorism? The very idea is preposterous! Why would anyone get the idea that counterterror surveillance was ever needed in Muslim communities?

“U.S. to Expand Rules Limiting Use of Profiling by Federal Agents,” by Matt Apuzzo for the New York Times, January 15 (thanks to Linda Sarsour): JW