Australia: Coptic Christians Vote Despite Being Threatened by Muslim Brotherhood Thugs

Australia: Ikhwan-Aligned Muslims Try To Intimidate Those Egyptians in Australia Who Go To Vote for New Egyptian Referendum 

Christina McIntosh


It’s there in a report from one “Souheil Damouny” that appeared in Australia’s ABC; click on the link to see a picture of the menacing male Muslim gang, displaying the sinister black hand on a yellow ground (in the old days, one of the symbols of the Ikhwan was a “Black Hand”), past whom those Egyptians who intended to vote for their new constitution had to run the gauntlet.  It should be borne in mind, by the by, that the great majority of persons of Egyptian background and /or citizenship who reside in Australia are not Muslims, but Coptic Christians. So to a large extent that photograph depicts a Muslim threat to Copts…brazenly declared on Australilan soil.


MuBro thugs try to intimidate Coptic Christians and prevent them from voting

‘Egyptian Australians vote on Egypt’s constitutional referendum’.

‘Egyptian Australians have made their way to consulates around Australia to have their say on a new constitution, but they remain divided over the latest attempt to broker a lasting peace in their homeland.

‘Tens of thousands took the opportunity to vote on a new constitution which could pave the way for fresh elections in Egypt next year.

‘While Egyptians in Australia voted at the weekend, the vote in Egypt begins on Tuesday (local time).

In other words: the “Egyptian” (and mostly non-Muslim, Coptic ) voters in Australia had a chance to get in early…and to vote, despite the menacing presence of those mohammedan males waving the Black Hand placard, in far greater safety than their compatriots in Egypt itself. – CM

‘The new constitution has been backed by Coptic Christians who say it offers more religious rights, personal freedoms, and guarantees a right to protest.

‘Coptic Christians fear persecution amid the political upheaval (sic: it’s not about ‘fear’; Coptic Christians are already suffering severe persecution from Muslims in Egypt, and have been relentlessly exploited, degraded, humiliated, and frequently mass-murdered, by Muslims, throughout the entire 1300 year period of Muslim imperial occupation of their homeland – CM) and are a minority group in Egypt, representing only about 10 percent of the population of 80 million.

Once – Before Islam – Egypt was Christian: Coptic and Christian. Then the Arab Muslims invaded and installed themselves as absolute rulers; and after them, other varieties of Muslim, other peoples converted to and enthralled by and Arabised by Islam, arrived; and in the course of 1300 dreadful years of living as dhimmis the Copts – the original, indigenous people of Egypt – were reduced to a beleaguered and depressed remnant.  A good summary of that long process of destruction of Coptic Egypt, can be read here, in Bat Yeor’s historic overview: “A Christian Minority, The Copts in Egypt’.

‘The majority of Egyptian Australians are Copts, mainly living in Sydney and Melbourne.

It is a great relief to me to know that most migrants from Egypt in Australia, whether they are naturalised – perhaps with dual citizenship – or living as residents, are Coptic Christians rather than Muslims.  I hope that our Immigration department, when considering applications from Egypt, will give absolute priority to Copts rather than to Muslims.  – CM

‘Dr Wafik Latif, a Copt, visited Egypt two months ago, and went to the Egyptian consulate in Sydney to cast his vote.

‘He voted “no” in the last referendum in 2012, but this time he is voting “yes”.

“I think that it is a legitimate answer for all Egyptians who want the country to move forward and get back into the normal rhythm of life”, he said.

Normal? Define what is or can be  ‘normal’, when 90 percent of the population is – to greater or lesser degree – in thrall to Islam.– CM

“I’ve read the new constitution twice, and I found it fair and it looks at every aspect concerning Egyptians regarding health, education, freedom, and the legislative as well as executive issues.

Promises, promises…It’s enforcing those promises, putting those flowery phrases into action, that will be the test. – CM

“The last constitution was very can read a lot between the lines.

True enough. – CM

‘Dr Latif says the previous constitution neglected a lot of important issues, including women’s rights.

Understatement of the year. – CM

“it was mainly focused on categorising the country along religious sides, rather than being a civil country”, he said.

Precisely; it was drafted by the Muslim Brotherhood, in order to serve their agenda, which is purely and classically Islamic.  Islam divides the world along religious lines: dar al Islam vs dar al Harb, then within the dar al Islam there are the Muslims, who rule, and the dhimmis,who are supposed to pay lots of jizya, grovel, and keep very, very quiet, even when their Muslim overlords treat them like garbage. – CM

“it was [a] constitution that’s serving certain purposes for the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We have lost a lot and it is time to move forward”.

‘Dr Latif says there is now “huge optimism” for the new constitution after a pessimistic “period of darkness” with the political upheaval in Egypt.

“The people are tired.  It has been three years. We want to move on. We want our Egypt back as it was”, he said.

“As it was”??  Under Mubarak? But even under Mubarak, the Copts were treated abominably.  As the following report makes plain – and the pattern of Muslim abuses perpetrated upon Copts, that it describes, is by no means a new thing, it was something that had been going on for years and years and years.

‘New constitution will bring security to Egypt: voters’.

‘Another man who voted Yes says it will bring security to Egypt.

“We need something better for our country, when we say yes it will be better for our country”, he said.

Triumph of hope over experience? – CM

‘Another voter says she will vote yes because she thinks it will help bring peace.

“I think Egypt is in need of security, and I believe that that is one of the main things that the new constitution will bring along”, she said.

“Egypt’s Muslims and Christians want to go back to school and work and lead a normal life.  So, to a large extent, I think that is what the constitution will bring”.

Only if the army and the police force are prepared to enforce every provision, to the letter; and only if the army is prepared to ruthlessly suppress the Muslim Brotherhood and any and all other associations of sharia assassins, into the indefinite future. – CM

“I’ve had a look at both the old and new versions of the constitution. The new one gives more equality to women in the workplace and helps the economy”.

However, she says the new text is not perfect.

“It says that Islam is the main law of the country and it does not take into account the other religions”, she said.

Well spotted,  lady.  So long as Islam remains front and centre and in the ascendancy in Egypt, life in Egypt will continue to be, for Copts and for would-be apostates from Islam and for anybody else who is not Muslim, at best precarious and at worst….entirely wretched, and sometimes very short.  I advise sensible Copts to cut their losses, leave Egypt, and come to Australia or to any other non-Muslim land that will receive them.  I would advise this woman, and those other too-optimistic Copts, still clinging to their Egyptian passports, to face reality; to divest themselves of Egyptian citizenship and commit themselves wholly to Australia; and I would advise them, once they have done that, to lobby the Australian government to put a complete stop to all immigration of Muslims into Australia.  – CM

“The previous constitution made thep resident more like a pharaoh and gave him plenty of unfettered power.”

‘Another Coptic voter living in Sydney said he would be voting yes.  “Before, no Christians are able to find work (and this would be due to deliberate Muslim discrimination against Coptic jobseekers, as much as to Egypt’s dire economic straits – CM), but now I think we can do better,” he said.

‘Protest at Consulate in Sydney

‘But as busloads of voters arrived at the Egyptian consulate in Sydney they were met by protesters urging them to boycott.

As I have said already: click on the link and take a good long look at those ‘protesters’.  Talk about a threat display.  I seriously do not like this; these people, with those Black Hand placards, threatening Copts and trying to intimidate them – right here in Australia! – into not casting a vote. – CM

‘Voice of Human Rights (oh, suure they care about human rights, these glowering thugs – CM) decided to boycott the vote and spokesman Ahmed El Sein says the constitutional refererndum is a publicity stunt to legitimise the coup.

“In one night the military just dismantled all of [the revolution], they re-wrote the constitution to give itself and the security forces more power. (As opposed to the powers given to the Muslim Brotherhood’s man in office, Morsi, by the previious constitution; one must assume this person was just fine with Morsi having – as one of the Copts previously interviewed explained – “plenty of unfettered power” – CM).  It took away our vote and our rights”, he said.

“In today’s Egypt, protest is punishable by jail, and it has become common for police to abduct people.  It’s back to square one”.

‘Protesters say this vote is about legitimising the interim government.

As opposed to legitimising the Muslim Brotherhood’s program pushing Egypt down  the road to ever more strict sharia compliance? – CM

‘Hassan El Zein also decided to boycott because he says the democratic environment is not sufficient”.

“I am not going to vote because I think my vote means that I am accepting that coup.  And i feel that the coup itself is a crime against humanity”, he said.

“A crime against humanity”.  Typical mohammedan bombast.  But will anyone ask this man some awkward questions about the multiple and savage Muslim assaults upon Christians – their persons, property, homes and churches – that have gone on in Egypt?  He should be asked whether he regards these as ‘a crime against humanity’. – CM

“I am not going to put my hand with the hand of those who are looking and bringing back the old and corrupt Egyptian system”.

One must remember that in Islamspeak ‘corrupt’ = ‘not sufficiently Islamic, not sufficiently sharia-compliant’.  It does not mean what the average Westerner means when they use the word ‘corrupt’. – CM

‘While tempers flared between voters and abstainers, analysts say the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

‘They say Egyptians will vote yes tot he constitution not just because they want it, but because other options have been limited.

So long as Egypt remains 90 percent muslim, its options will always be limited. - CM

‘Egypt and Middle East expert Amro Ali says the constitution as a whole is much better than the 2012 version (that is, the one more heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood sharia-pushers – CM), because there are more personal freedoms and religious rights, and more protection for business investment.

I bet, however, that that constitution does not allow for real religious freedom.  It would do that only if it made it crystal clear that apostasy from Islam would be a/ permitted and b/ not punished in any way at all and that c/ anyone threatening or attacking or in any other way harming or inciting or plotting to harm an apostate from Islam would incur penalties (for inciting harm/ issuing threats/ attempted or actual assault/ attempted or actual murder) as applicable.  – CM

“However the issue with it that a lot of people have, particularly activists, are the military clauses that still allow military trials ot continue and does not allow civilian oversight over the military, which was a demand of the revolution”, he said.

“It is definitely a polarised vote, and people will cast their vote along party lines.”

Those who are voting yes are in favour of the status quo, and are very anti-Islamist and anti-Brotherhood”.

And what’s so bad, my dear sir, with being “anti-Islamist” (i.e. rejecting the sharia assassins who would like to turn Egypt into a facsimile of Saudi Arabia or other more intensely-sharia-compliant hellpits) or with being “anti-Brotherhood”, that is, with opposing the Muslim Brotherhood, who are not the only sharia assassins in Egypt, but are amongst the most powerful and dangerous and best-organised?  – CM

‘Mr Ali doubts that the unrest (sic: riots, church -burnings, assassinations, suicide bombings? – CM) experienced in Egypt will spill over to Australia.

It had better not. And it probably won’t; because (may God be thanked!) as has been previously noted, the vast majority of persons of Egyptian background residing in Australia are peaceful, hard-working, law-abiding Coptic Christians, or secular persons of Coptic background, rather than…Muslims. – CM

“But I have seen ministers who’ve come to visit being heckled by Brotherhood supporters, but it hasn’t reached the violence that has been seen in London or in Paris”, he said.

Hmm.  I hadn’t heard that before: that there are, in Australia, openly-declared Musilm Brotherhood supporters who have come out in public to shout insults at visiting Egyptian government ministers?  If so, I damn well hope that ASIO and AFP have taken photographs of every one of them and are presently investigating them.  I would take a very long, close look at their papers; at when and how they got into Australila, and what they are doing here, and under what auspices they have residency, or – worse – citizenship.  And meanwhile, declared Muslim Brotherhood groupies have engaged in violence in London and Paris?  If Infidel governments had a gram of sense, every Muslim within the West who openly declared himself or herself as a member or supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood would be getting arrested the moment they put a toe out of line; and investigated, and preferably, after that, deported, as representing a menace to public safety. – CM

‘Mr Ali says the yes vote is likely to win, and there are reports of arrests being made [that is, arrests in Egypt – CM] of those promoting the no vote”.

To repeat: methinks it is time and past time that the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its wholly-owned subsidiaries and franchises, all of its identifiable proxies and front groups, were banned throughout the lands of the non-Muslims, and all identified or identifiable Muslim Brotherhood members and declared supporters…deported.

Wouldn’t it be nice, for example, if that slithery snake, Tariq Ramadan, were packed up, lock stock and barrel, and bundled onto a plane to Egypt, with a one-way ticket? – CM

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