"Australian Slaves of Allah" Meet Virgins in Bloody Syria Conflict

An “Australian man” and his wife are being mourned by Sydney’s Muslim community, as their reported deaths bring the number of Australians believed killed in the Syrian conflict to seven.



Amira Karroum reportedly becomes the first Australian woman to die in bloody Syria conflict

Raised at Southport on the Gold Coast, Mrs Ali went to an Anglican girls’ school, but later became an increasingly devout Muslim who wore the niqab, covering her face and body.

A DEVOUT Sydney Muslim who wrote of dying and going to heaven to meet Allah has become the first Australian woman reported to be killed in Syria since the civil war began in 2011.

Amira Karroum and her husband Yousef Ali, from Granville in western Sydney, are believed to have died in a mortar attack yesterday according to SBS.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said consular officials were “seeking to confirm the deaths of two Australians in Syria”.

The couple may have been caught up in rebel infighting or frontline enemy fighting.

Ms Karroum, whose Facebook page is filled with messages about going to heaven and meeting Allah, is believed to have died in an attack near the town of Aleppo.

More than 100,000 people have died in Syria’s bloody internal strife, including more than 700 foreigners, and an Australian man who was our first suicide bomber last year.

Her occupation is listed on her page as “Slave of Allah”.

Ms Karroum’s sister, whose Facebook name is “Mujahidah Lioness”, posted on her Facebook page this morning she would meet her sister in “in Jannah one day”.

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“Syria is in serious chaos right now”: 

An Australian man and his wife are being mourned by Sydney’s Muslim community, as their reported deaths bring the number of Australians believed killed in the Syrian conflict to seven.

Yusuf Ali and his wife, Amira, of Queensland and formerly Granville were ”in their house in Syria and the FSA [Free Syrian Army] attacked and killed them”, Amira’s sister Rose posted on Facebook on Saturday.

”Please everyone make dua for my sister Amira Ali and brother Inlaw Yusuf. They hav been martyred and insha’allah they r shaheeds. May Allah SWT grant them both janah Ameen,” wrote Rose, who is known on Facebook as ”Mujahidah Lioness”. ”May Allah make the mujahideen victorious against FSA and Assad’s regime.”

Yusuf Ali, who died in Syria.Yusuf Ali, who died in Syria, along with his wife, Amira.Photo: Facebook

Amira, nee Karroum, was 22 and nicknamed ”Squid”. She left St Hilda’s, an exclusive Anglican school for girls at Southport on the Gold Coast, in 2009, and married Yusuf Ali in 2012.

Her husband’s Facebook page said he was from al-Jannah, Idlib, Syria. One of his posts said: ”Death is a reality none of us can out run. What have you done to prepare for ‘destroyer of pleasures’? Believe in one God (without partners) enjoin in what is good and forbid what is evil and you will have success in this life and the next!”.

His page carried a portrait of him titled ”The World is My Prison” and pictures of hooded men in army camouflage carrying guns.

Members of their family could not be reached for comment. Rose posted: ”I miss u already. Iel never be able to hug u wen I’m sad, annoy u wen I’m bored or u fight with me wen ur angry. U were my other half. My sister and my best friend and insha’allah I will meet u in jannah one day. Everyone who met u could see the noor in ur face and ur heart. May Allah SWT grant u and Yusuf the highest of heavens and be together always. Love u my beautiful sister Amira Ali.”

Other posts said ”their dreams came true”, ”she got what she wanted!”, and they died ”while trying to help”. ”I am honoured greatly that your life was taken while trying to save the lives of others” wrote Rhonda Sayadi of Bankstown of ”my beautiful cousin Amira”.

Mejida David Mheich wrote: ”She was a beautiful person inside and out mashalla! She’s an inspiration, and a strong-hearted girl! I still remember that last time I saw her! She sounded so happy, it was a month ago like today!”

According to the Australian Federal Police, up to 200 Australians had travelled to Syria since the fighting started in 2011. Up to 100 were believed to be fighting in the conflict and up to six had died ”while fighting with al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups” in the conflict, including one in Lebanon”.

Zaky Mallah, who ran an office of the Free Syrian Army in Parramatta, said: ”It is a sad tragedy that more Australians are being killed in this brutal conflict with no sign of ending.”

If they were attacked by the FSA as was alleged, this would confirm they were caught in rebel infighting, reflecting that ”Syria is in serious chaos right now”, he said.

Condolences were to be held on Sunday morning at the Masjid al-Noor mosque in Granville where the couple were members, Rose posted.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said consular officials were seeking to confirm the two deaths. Australians are strongly advised against travelling to Syria because of the ”extremely dangerous situation”.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/australian-couple-killed-by-syrian-rebels-family-says-20140112-30os9.html#ixzz2qBJMYo00

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