Back off, Jakarta tells Australia


Suddenly, Indonesia has boats to patrol its borders. But not to stop the muselmanic asylum shoppers; only to prevent the Australian navy from returning them back to sender.

Angry Indonesia” demands federal government suspends turn back boats policy

INDONESIA has demanded the federal government ­suspends its policy of turning back asylum seeker vessels and will ramp up naval patrols on Australia’s northern borders.


How dare these filthy kafirs interfere in our smuggling operations?  The world belongs to allah and his profit; the hijra (migration) is a holy duty for every muslim. Pay the jiziya with willing submission and be humiliated, kafirs!

Back off, Jakarta tells Australia

INDONESIA has demanded Australia stop its border-protection operations and warned it will strengthen warship patrols of its maritime borders, after Australian patrol vessels breached Indonesian territorial waters. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the territorial waters breaches, revealed in The Australian yesterday, and Australia’s unqualified apology but he refused to confirm the violations occurred as Operation Sovereign Borders vessels forced asylum-seeker boats back to Indonesia. BRENDAN NICHOLSON AND PETER ALFORD THE AUSTRALIAN

Indonesia’s frigate should stop the boats, not our navy

Andrew Bolt

Professor Tim Lindsay says Indonesia’s navy is too small to stop the boats :

On its own assessment, the Indonesian navy probably only has about 25 working, seaworthy ships available for operations at any one time and it has no coastguard. Indonesia’s obvious strategic sea defence weakness is one reason it has been so reluctant a partner with Australia in our efforts to stop people smuggling. It simply lacks the practical capacity to do much about it.

But Indonesia’s navy seems big enough to stop Australia from stopping the boats:

Jakarta has demanded an immediate halt to the Abbott government’s asylum-seeker turnbacks policy and announced it will send a frigate to bolster its southern defences after Australian ships repeatedly breached Indonesian territorial waters.

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  1. Indonesia wants Australia to be swamped with Muslims. That way they can conquer and take our resources without military invasion. Anyone who thinks otherwise lives on another planet. We have the right to protect our country any way we see fit. Indonesia go to HELL!

  2. Australia, like the rest of the western world is doomed in the long run. With a population of only 23 million the European Aussie is demographically becoming smaller by the day. It’s a toss-up who will take over, the Chinese or the Muslims? Demographics is destiny.

  3. Here is a thought: Australia could mine it’s own territorial waters and employ the Navy or Coast Guard to guide legitimate shipping through designated routes.

  4. Quick! You Ozys must now send Indonesia more aid money so they can buy more boats and ammunition to attack you with, you ingrates!

    Oz, like the rest of the Western world, is being inundated by foreign immigrant ‘workers’ at the behest of the corporazi globalists, who always want to dilute labour costs in order to increase only their own profits at everyone else’s direct expense.

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