Boaties Horror: “the navy and Customs would not give us a phone”



Guardian readers carefully consider claims that the navy fired “warning shots” at asylum seekers, and deliver their verdicts: (do read on!)



A bunch of boaties are rescued by the Australian Navy after deliberately sinking their own vessel – and they’re not happy about it: 

Conditions were just terrible, according to Qadir:

“The navy and Customs would not give us a phone.”

Pakistani asylum seeker, Fazal Qadir, 28, said he had set sail from an island off Java on January 5 bound for Christmas Island with 56 people from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Palestine on board, along with an Indonesian captain and one crew member. There was one woman with a 20-month-old toddler.

Then came the final Australian treachery:

The men said they were dropped very close to Indonesia. It took only three hours to reach shore.

Job done. Naturally, Fairfax and the ABC are outraged.


Boat people raped, tortured, shipwrecked

239148-4a255eaa-7c9e-11e3-89a5-f01a1cd39a6cItalian emergency services stand on a pier in the Lampedusa harbour after divers recovered the bodies of some of the 366 asylum-seekers who drowned last year.

WELFARE ASYLUM-seekers who survived a shipwreck in which 366 people died have testified in the case against a Somali people smuggler who allegedly raped and tortured them during their voyage from Eritrea.

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  1. I hope the Navy didn’t fire across their bow. With all the money we spend on training , they should be better shots.

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