Boats Stopped, Lives Saved, Left Seethes….


Leftists favour a return to Labor’s policies, presumably because dead people can’t hear anything.

Tim Blair

The absolute moral perversion of the Australian left is again dramatically apparent. Our leftists are actually more upset that lives are being saved by Tony Abbott’s government than they ever were by the deaths of asylum seekers under the previous Labor government.–Continue reading ‘LIVES SAVED, LEFT SEETHES’

Asylum Seekers

No boats for a month. You’d think there would be applause…

Andrew Bolt

No boat arrivals for a month now. You’d think this was grounds for congratulations. But The Age prefers to retail lurid claims instead:

Two asylum seekers jumped off their boat as the Australian Navy was taking them back to Indonesia around Christmas Day, in what a fellow passenger said was a suicide attempt.

Sailors from accompanying navy ships pulled them from the water and put them back on board, asylum seeker Rahman Ali said.

Pretty lame “suicide attempt”.  But good enough for The Age to go with.

2 thoughts on “Boats Stopped, Lives Saved, Left Seethes….”

  1. The left want to return to Labor’s policies because they know that even if 30% of the illegals die during their voyage, the 70% that make it will eventually vote Labor.

  2. Yes
    – vote labor right out of a life
    – murder them, innocent-others and pillage their possessions.

    But these Assisters are to selfish/dumb to know that.
    I have never known a bigger group of STUPIDS.

    Except maybe the real estate agents who promote (as tenants) all these muslims, Africans, Hindu, and Sikhs as tenants to their money requiring Land Lords – with rental payments being made from the welfare benefits received from Australia?
    If not for these immigration groups – the Australian Property market would have absolutely collapsed.
    Hence another WANT (other than Political by these Assisters) to have these immigrants continually arriving.
    These immigrant groups also cause extral maintenance/repair bills to property and their cooking aromas are possible available there for ever – this makes a growing segment of the market unsuitable for normal Australians to live in – but – hey it’s all tax deductible.
    Personally I’d rather have the property values “we were really meant to have” adjusted downward.

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