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More on that Shiittie-Sunni Divide 

by Hugh Fitzgerald

An Iraqi Official Claims Al-Qaeda Is So Well-Armed It Could Take Baghdad

No doubt that high-ranking hysterical official wishes the Americans to rush forward with more military supplies, more aid (yes, American aid is still being given, to a country that has gigantic oil reserves and is selling millions of barrels a day), American military training (inside or out of Iraq), and perhaps even American troops.

The prediction that the disaffected Sunnis in Anbar Province, under the general direction of Al-Qaeda, could take Baghddad, is nonetof interest as one more example of the craziness of Muslim states, as their rulers — see Karzai — think of new ways to lure the Ameicans back into the swamp.

It should be no cause of Western alarm if a Sunni army, backed with aid from the Gulf Arabs, could meet a Shi’a army(the Iraqi army is now officered by Shi’a, in the same way that the Syrian army is officered by Alawites, even if in the ranks there are Sunnis), backed by Iran, nearer to Baghdad, or within its gates, with both sides pouring in men and materiel and money, and each defeat the other. What this Iraqi official regards as a “warning to the West” should be taken in that spirit, and only in that spirit.


State-run Iranian press claims that “Zionists planning to annihilate Islam”

January 18, 2014

In reality, Iran wants to annihilate Israel. But we have seen many times that Islamic supremacists tend to project their own evils onto those whom they fear and hate. “Zionists planning to annihilate Islam,” by Catherine Shakdam for Press TV, January 18 (thanks to Maxwell): With Zionists more intent than ever on defiling one of […]

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