Deep Six the ABC! (Part II)


That the Ministry of Truth ABC rejects criticism is galling after all the damage they are doing to the country.

A few more examples of that bias the ABC says it doesn’t have

(Andrew Bolt)

The ABC claims it isn’t biased, and only bloody conservatives would say so. This is the same ABC that  still cannot find one conservative to present, produce or edit any of its prominent television or radio or online outlets…

ABC torture story collapses. ABC still won’t admit it

The ABC refuses to admit its story of the navy torturing boat people is a crock even when the evidence started to fall apart.

Peter Alford of The Australian completely destroys any last shred of plausibility of a story that was always highly improbable:

THE Australian can reveal after two days of witness interviews that allegations aired by the ABC that the Australian navy tortured and deliberately burned the hands of asylum-seekers cannot be corroborated.

That fossil Laury Oakes is frothing at the mouth….

What a bunch of wankers!

The ABC entitlement whores and their fellow travellers  are spinning like the centrifuges in Iran. The same retards who gave us draconian “hate speech” laws and planned to censor the internet, a move which would have put us on a par with North Korea and China, are wingeing and whining that the Abbott government successfully stopped the boats. Who can take these treacherous, censorious, totalitarian kaputniks seriously now, that their clownish leaders have been wrong on everything all the time? They would be well advised to stop embarrassing themselves, and Australia in the face of the world.

Here is a David Hill from the Border Mail, who opines:

Patriotism lies in truth, not in censorship, Tony Abbott

The ‘Border Mail’ tards don’t like comments that oppose the group think, be warned.

Back to reality:

What are Marr’s dead boat people? Where is his sorry?

The navy is turning back boats. Result: no boat arrivals in six weeks and no drownings, either, in contrast to the more than 1000 people lured to their deaths under Labor’s policies.

Marr didn’t apologise then, and won’t apologise now.

In fact, I have yet to hear a single apology from those who created or supported the Labor policies which led to so many deaths, so many illegal arrivals and so many wasted billions of dollars.

Instead we get this vilification of the navy and of the new government which are ending all that.

Marr four years ago was just as ready as the ABC today to falsely smear the navy: 

The Sydney Morning Herald’s David Marr instantly smeared the navy as some 50 boat people drowned off Christmas Island.

Marr didn’t apologise then, and won’t apologise now.

Terry McCrann on a government that seems to have found its mojo:

THE Abbott government has made four key policy and politically defining discretionary decisions. It has scored well on both consistency and courageousness.

In combination, they confirm Tony Abbott’s affirmation that Australia is “open for business” under his government…

The four are: the rejections of specific assistance to the domestic car manufacturing industry and fruit-canner SPC Ardmona, Joe Hockey’s approval of the Canadian company Saputo’s takeover of Warrnambool Cheese & and Butter, and his rejection of the US company Archer Daniels Midland’s takeover of GrainCorp. Looked at narrowly, that scores at least three out of four, on the measure of government getting out of the way of business and doing so in a consistent way. – Abbott finds compass and courage

Meanwhile, Beavis Butthead went sightseeing

Meanwhile, of course, leaderless Labor is floundering. It cannot decide whether it should be for or against a royal commission into corruption scandals now engulfing three unions. Then again, when your new leader is a former boss of one of those unions it might be a good time to hide him in a closet in the Louvre. Ou est Bill?


4 thoughts on “Deep Six the ABC! (Part II)”

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  2. Interesting.

    If your a few thousand short meeting the financial legal requirements, you are unable to come into Australia as a legal immigrant, but come with what appears to be empty pockets and no skill set, then please step right up and welcome.

    Pinochet? Pro/Anti-Pinochet? That is most perplexing and interesting claim, as he died in 2006. These Chileans do know that the news takes less than a month to travel the world now? And the rest of the world knows he’s dead, right?

    1. Pinochet kept Chile free from Chavez types. The left typically portrays him as a monster and you’ll never hear the end of it, that he killed some 2000 leftist revolutionaries. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn, because if they had taken over they would have killed 30.000 or more, expropriated all the wealth creators and turned the whole country into one big gulag. I’ve had it with commie tards playing moral guardians. They are monsters!

  3. Have lived through part of this process in another country – agree one hundred percent Sheik – the leftist revolutionaries are best terminated pronto.

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