Do We Want Commies & Homo's Lecturing Us On Morals & Ethics?

Greens want the Lord’s Prayer dumped from federal parliament sittings

THE Australian Greens want the Lord’s Prayer dropped from the opening of each day’s federal parliament sittings.


As a non- Christian I object strongly to being lectured by homosexuals like Di Natale and David Marr as to what moral standards and ethics should apply in this country. It is equally revolting to be bombarded with homo marriage propaganda day after day by  the taxpayer funded ABC. We the People do not want the concept of matrimony perverted, ridiculed, and defiled with the abomination of homosexual “marriage.
Strange how we respect every tradition but our own. Di Natale seems to think this prayer is contrary to the principle of separation of church and state. However, it is agreed that the church should not run the state and the state should not run the church – this is the purpose of the separation – they are two different entities. But it should be acknowledged that the tradition we enjoy has provided the best of freedom, human rights, democracy and rule of law – so perhaps a little acknowledgement of the influence of Australian tradition might remind us from what worldview this sprung. (Vickie)
Green (Commie) Sheilas Hate Blokes:

Rabbi Calls for Resistance to LGBTPed Agenda

Jewish moonbats in the government/education/media ruling class have inflicted terrible harm on our country, but Jews who take their religion seriously share a foundation with Christians. This makes them enemies of moonbattery, the disease that is destroying us. One example is Rabbi Yair Hoffman of New York, who sounds the alarm on morally rudderless politicians who are willing to pander to the pink fascists of what he calls the LGBTPed community:

Time for Jews whose true religion isn’t liberalism to answer Rabbi Hoffman’s call. The forces of corruption are united; the forces opposing it need to be united too. (Moonbattery)

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  1. The Greens, The Lunatic Party we had to have. Seriously what a bunch of Dhimmi Morons. When the axe falls I hope their the first to lose their heads.

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