Europe is already gone. French Jews are leaving France. Hungarian Jews are leaving Hungary.

Anti-Semitic Protests in Paris on Eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yesterday in Paris there was a massive violent anti-Semitic protest rally with an estimated 17,000 . Dubbed “A Day of Anger” it was punctuated by hate filled  anti-Semitic screed with repeated calls of  “Jews, France is not for you”.

How bizarre, how mad, how insane.  “Jour de Colère” à Paris: Manifestation antisémite – preuves en images

And this rabble is French, not Arab, not Muslim. Incredible!

Germany:  “Normalising Relations”

by /Frontpage

The moral responsibility Germans have towards Jews and the Jewish State goes beyond reparations. In Israel, throughout the 1950’s, any contact with Germany was a moral outrage, and the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin railed against accepting “blood money” from Germany. Germany’s historic guilt and moral responsibility is not just for the deliberate murder of European Jews, it is also to the “living Jews” in the Jewish State.

Christoph Heusgen, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s powerful advisor on national security, is one of those German’s who wants, as he calls it, to “normalize relations” with Israel at the expense of the “special relations” Germany has had with the Jewish state. What Heusgen seeks above all else is legitimization to remove Germany’s historical responsibility for its crimes against the Jewish people and treat Israel as all other nations, based on national interests. —German-Israeli Relations Sliding Downward

Germany’s state run ARD: Crass Manipulation on the Subject of Immigration

Here is the ARD Report with English subtitles. The original is on the ARD’s Tageschau website.

The term Fachkräfte figures in the ARD video below, and is normally used to counter the critics of unrestricted immigration, since its meaning is the very opposite of “poverty immigration”. In normal usage, the term Fachkräfte is of general application, and includes highly trained, skilled, and educated people. Immigration critics, citing evidence that over the years a host of unscreened immigrants arriving in Germany without basic skills have been taking far more out of the welfare system than they pay into it, often apply the term Fachkräfte ironically as a subcategory of “culture-enrichers” (Kulturbereicherer). ARD: Crass Manipulation on the Subject of Immigration thanks to the Gates of Vienna/ Continue reading →

4 thoughts on “Europe is already gone. French Jews are leaving France. Hungarian Jews are leaving Hungary.”

  1. I recently arrived back in Paris where I spend part of the year. Originally I was going to take part in this demonstration with an anti-islamist group “Riposte Laique/Resistance Republicaine” who courageously and to the peril of their founders fight against the islamistion of France. When the word got out that this demonstration was going to be attended by the most vile, Jew-hating, holocaust denying, anti-white, Iran-sponsored creep, a soi-disant “comedian”, Dieudonné Mbala Mbala, Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine immediately withdrew and publicised their non-attendance and its reason for it.

    This rabble who “follow” the black Dieudonne are mostly maghreban/african black/arab/muslim thugs from the suburbs, but a recent disastrously stupid initiative by the Interior minister on behest of a local Jewish organisation, to ban the “spectacles” of this so-called Comeeedian, afforded him publicity he could never have dreamed of. And now, he has finally achieved the VICTIM status he so much wanted. So now, even non-arab/muslim French youth are following him “in the interest of free speech” don’t you know.
    While I observe a lot of antisemitism here – even among the French – and while I think that Dryfuss would be condemned again, this hateful re-incarnation of hitlerism comes mainly from France’s “migrants” of arabo/african/maghrebian/islamist origin, even if they call themselves “French” and are 2nd/3rd generation.
    The so-called “faaaaaaaaar right” with which they want to label the party of Marine LePen is actually the only political prty who steadfastly defends the Jews in France. Marine LePen is France’s only hope that a 4th Reich – islamist version – does not happen to take hold in France.

  2. PS: I assumed knowledge about this nasty anti-semitic Ape, Dieudonne MbalaMbala, but forgot that his infame might not have travelled quite yet world wide: He makes his money by mounting so-called “comedy” shows, which deny the holocaust, regret that such and such a Jew was not gassed and that they – unfortunately had run out of gas. He created a kind of “reverse Nazi salute” the so-called “Quenelle”. The fact that this moronic gesture is imitated by his “followers” who get themselves photographed doing it in front of sites and monuments important to Jews, makes me despair of the human race.

    It was a big tactical mistake of the Jewish watchdog “Crif” to give him publicity by asking for his “spectacle” to be banned and to succeed in this demand. This gave him undreamed of publicity and – in the name of “Free Speech” unleashed the sleeping dogs of anti-semitism even among those who are not arab/black/muslim/.

    The original idea for the “Day of Anger” march was more a protest against the socialist government of Hollande.

  3. Rita: I met two young Frenchmen at a Melbourne nightclub recently. For a start, they didn’t know the Marseillaise. Then we discussed Dieudonne and they insisted the quenelle was simply an “anti-establishment” sign. Rubbbish, of course: they didn’t explain why the need for a secret anti-establishment gesture, or what “establishment” they felt the pressing need to be opposed to. Presumably not the “establishment” which is responsible for forcing millions of Jew-hating Muslims on French society.
    If this is the new face of the French young, I thought, then France is in real trouble. But then, it isn’t if the French are happy to see their entire culture destroyed and be replaced by barbarism and hatred; perhaps they are.

  4. The big flaw in the fallacious argument of denying the Holocaust is the antisemites have a singular focus on the Jews, and this fact trips up their argument-everytime.

    The deniers need to explain how disparate nationals from so many different countries across all of Europe came to be in the same place at the same time? And importantly, why were these non Jews there, in camps against their will?

    Additionally, also, there, in the (holocaust) camps were political prisoners of the Allies, who bore witness to the murder of the Jews and Untermenschen by the Germans.

    Coupled with the fact, that the Germans liked to record and archive their own vanity, which again, creates a problem for the deniers….too much empirical data by Germans about the Holocaust in their own hands and words from various levels of the military and internal bureaucracy all telling the same facts (more or less) about different geographical locations, but all stating the exact same experiences relating to the eradication of the Jews and the Untermenschen. All of which can easily validate.

    Besides, the Muslim Antisemities are schizophrenic. One minute they are denying the Holocaust and in the next breath they are proclaiming it was the greatest thing to have happened; much like 9/11.

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