HSBC wants a letter from your mom

Sounds more like the coming collapse:

Banks block access to your cash unless you can prove what it’s for


  • Bank brought in secret policy last November, which has led to complaints
  • Customers say withdrawals were refused or they were forced to barter
  • HSBC says policy is ‘responsible’ and allows them to tackle financial crime

Bank customers who try to withdraw large sums of cash over the counter face a grilling and may be asked to provide written confirmation of why they need the funds.

Under pressure Under the phoney excuse to crack down on fraud, branch staff are increasingly demanding customers supply evidence of what they plan to spend their own money on.–Read more: Daily Mail


Example from Richard Littlejohn:

Stephen Cotton walked into his local branch of HSBC in Worcester to withdraw £7,000 from his instant access savings account.

But instead of handing over the cash, the bank demanded to know what he wanted the money for.

Not that it was any of their damn business, but it was to repay a loan from his mother. In that case, he was told, the bank would require a letter from his mother, confirming his story.


Since when do you have to tell your bank what you intend to spend your own money on?

Asking for a note from his mum is treating him like a nine-year-old. I’d have closed my account on the spot.