Finger Licking Goodness

Is this despicable Paki turd still in the House of Lords?

Ahmed the killer should be locked up for life:

Lord” Ahmed will talk about “Muslim Integration and their Social Responsibilities”.

Three Finger Rasool Invented ‘Finger Licking Goodness”


Rasulullah used three fingers when eating chunky dishes such as breads and meats. In Hadith Riwayat Muslim there is a mention on the Prophet doing so. In the same Hadith, the Prophet is said to advise Muslims to lick their fingers clean after eating because one does not know where the ‘Berkah’ (bless) ends. This is also done to ward off the evil doings of the devil. …– More finger lickin’ goodness at Malaysian Digest thanks to mullah (pbuh)

Chrislam? Dawa Church?

Real bad Mohammedan Eidolatry

Rally 2014 In Alum Rock, Birmingham , England, UK

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