G-Lard in Dubai, "to “call out misogyny and sexism wherever I see it…”

Tim Blair



A packed house for Julia Gillard’s big Dubai speech:

Three mentions of V8 Supercars (from 9:15). Maybe Tim wrote the speech. To Gillard’s credit, she did stand up for Israel while endorsing Palestinian independence. All the chicks in the crowd loved it:


Gillard barely touched on women’s issues during her speech, but there was this answer to a question (at 1:07:40) from a New Zealand student who asked about female representation in Middle Eastern politics:

Ah, well, ah, it, you know, it’s, ah, not, not for me, ah, to, ah, you know, determine how, ah, countries and individuals determine these issues …

So much for her vow to “call out misogyny and sexism wherever I see it”.

One thought on “G-Lard in Dubai, "to “call out misogyny and sexism wherever I see it…””

  1. What – Is Ju’liar back yet ????
    Why – She has to return her Unearned/Undeserved Parliamentary Pension

    What – she wont !!!!
    Why – she wants to help Tim build his new “shed”.

    Whod’a thought!

    Still love the caricature!
    Still reminds me of a soon to be exploding Martyr’s Bomb – good one caricature creator !

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