Goward thinks "the law is tough enough"

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Female genital mutilation a problem in NSW: Goward

FGM is just one of many  problems that come with Muslims and Islam.  Not only in NSW.

Circumcision  is “obligatory” for “both men and women” — so says a legal manual of the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence, ‘Umdat al-Salik (e4.3). This school is dominant in Egypt, where 97% of women have suffered genital mutilation. The Hanbali school teaches, in contrast, that female genital mutilation is not obligatory, while noting that it is accepted Islamic practice; the Hanafi school calls it “a mere courtesy to the husband.”

In any case, the Islamic justifications given for the practice enable it to continue. Yet in the West it is considered “Islamophobic” to mention these Islamic justifications. However, the longer they are ignored, the more girls will be mutilated. Calling this an African custom is a misdiagnosis, and like all misdiagnoses it will contribute nothing toward a cure.

The female genital mutilation of children is much more common in Australia and by Australians overseas than authorities can detect, NSW Community Services Minister Pru Goward says.


But toughening the law on this “hideous” crime is not an option, she told ABC Radio on Thursday.

Cowardice, escapism and handwringing. Pru Goward has sworn to uphold the law and protect children from heinous crimes like FGM.

Instead, community engagement and education is needed to prevent more little girls being targeted, Ms Goward said.

BS.  We’ll see Goward “educated”  and wear the freedom sack before that happens. We want to see the  laws on the books enforced, not police harassment like this.

Ms Goward’s comments came after a Sydney father was charged with having his then nine-month-old baby daughter circumcised while abroad in February 2012.

Mutilation ,not circumcision. A female without a clitoris is a sexual cripple.

The alleged procedure was only discovered six months later when the child’s mother brought her to the doctor, police said.

It is only the second prosecution case in relation to the practice in NSW and believed to be the first time a person has been charged with procuring the procedure abroad.

At least some people are willing to take this before the courts.

In 2012, eight members of a small religious order in Sydney – including a sheikh, a retired nurse and two parents – were charged over the female genital mutilation of two sisters, aged six and seven.

Islam is not “a small religious order”- its a crime against humanity.

Their case remains before the courts.

Ms Goward said anecdotal evidence showed the practice was “more common than the reports would suggest”.

“It’s so easy to hide within a community that condones it, within a household that condones it,” Ms Goward said.

That much is true.

She said it was only the second prosecution of a practice that was conducted in “secretive and very well-conspired arrangements” to hide it from the authorities.

The crime often only came to light when the child suffered a complication from the procedure or there was a marital breakdown.

She said they had “looked and looked” at toughening the laws but felt increasing the penalties would not necessarily stop the crime from occurring.

“I think the law is tough enough,” she said.

If the law is not applied its hardly enough.

“I think what does need to happen is that our immigration authorities have to get much more vigilant about advising communities that it is not lawful in Australia.

“We need to change attitudes and culture. That’s a much slower process than changing the law.”

That will never happen unless we stop and reverse the Muselmanic invasion.
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/female-genital-mutilation-a-problem-in-nsw-goward-20140102-306re.html#ixzz2pFCmhnBO

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  1. No difference what so ever. There all spineless politicians that will sell us out just like their British counter parts. The sooner we start kicking these blood sucking( I believe the going rate is $100,000 per vile),Welfare cheating, Muslim scum out of this country the better.I believe Aussies will only wake up after a civil war breaks out in Britain. The way things are going we may not have long to wait.

  2. Poor Pru, Mother of former “model”, James Packer ‘s wife and skin / Boob page three flasher, and the movie Sirens,Kate Fisher, (BTW Kate has the best set of jugs and hips) just does not get it.

    Its like when Pru was demanding that pieces of wimmins parts should not be reproduced in the media, for wimmin are ……… whatever …. her reason was I forget however I am sure it was a good one.

    Pru demanded at some stage or other prior to been elected to the NSW Parliament that, other Wimmin doing what she facilitated her beautiful daughter Kate doing ……..from the age of, I believe of 16 years of age.
    I am so glad Pru did facilitate her beautiful daughter Kate, into the Skin Flick ooops “Model” industry as she was indeed a sight to behold in all her various modes of un dress.

    Now Pru tell Australians and the FEMALE children of these VOTE People imported into Australia by the Labor Green Loons, you think your ALLEGEDLY CONSERVATIVE State government is doing all it can to ensure that their DAUGHTERS have as much protection from their Mothers and Fathers from sexual mutilation, as say someone called Kate Fisher and that the punishment for thse Labor Green Loon VOTE People for hacking up their daughters Vagina’s would be the same as it would be for hacking up your daughter Kate’s Vagina.

    Pru when you sit on the fence all you can expect is splinters in your crack at best, at worst you sound like just another Multiculturalist sipping from the trough of those sworn to destroy us.

    For Gods Sake Pru Flog these Godless Swine till they drop in the stock on the steps of the Sydney Opera House every second Saturday until the message gets through

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