Hoist On His Own Petard: Supporter of Muslim Terrorists in Israel Blown Away by Taliban in Afghanistan

Supporter of Muslim Terrorists in Israel Blown Away by Taliban in Afghanistan

Dhamender Singh Phangurha, a Jew-hatin’, Muslim lovin’ Labour MEP candidate for the South East, didn’t survive a Taliban attack at a restaurant which used to supply Lyse Doucets chocolate cake. He will be dearly missed by fellow travellers like George Galloway & the Marxist Milibandits.

“He always spoke about how he was proud to have started his working life alongside his mother on the shop floor of Mr Kipling’s cakes in Eastleigh”– is there a cake conspiracy?


Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 19, 2014  In The Point


Maybe he wasn’t wearing his Gaza marathon t-shirt? Or maybe terrorists don’t bother to distinguish between the various NGO diners at a restaurant during their killing sprees.

Del Singh did his best for Muslim terrorists in Israel. Not only did he associate with Labour Friends of Palestine, but he was also a former member of the International Solidarity Movement, better known as I Support Murderers, for their history of involvement in terrorism.

“You can call me antisemitic if it makes you feel better but I oppose the current State of Israel and all its stands for,” Singh ranted in an old internet comment. “We need more than academic sanctions on Israel – I would advocate sporting, cultural and trade sanctions and on restrictions on Israeli passport holders into the EU.”

But not satisfied with being an opponent of Israeli Apartheid, Del Singh/Dhamender Singh Phangurha was also a courageous opponent of French Apartheid.

For all you European ethnic minorities who want to experience a good dollop of racism, a system of apartheid and sheer arrogance, then why not visit France?

So if you want to experience the horrors of apartheid, be stopped and searched, verbally and physically abused, humiliated on a regular basis and give your young children the opportunity to experience oppression and racism (which you probably thought they would not experience in today’s Europe), then my recommendation is to visit France.

Sadly Del Singh, while battling the evils of the French and the Jews, appeared to have overlooked the Taliban. Unfortunately for Del Singh, the Taliban didn’t overlook him.