"…at least five British Muslim women have gone to wage jihad…"

Al-Qaeda sets up ‘sisters’ base’ for female extremists killer zombies looking to copy White Widow


Londonistan, Jan. 20 (ANI): Al-Qaeda has set up a ‘sisters’ base’ for aspiring female extremists who are looking to copy world’s most wanted woman White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite. The site in Syria was revealed by a blogger, Abu Qaqqa, after Muslim women asked about how to join the terror network.

According to the Mirror, British intelligence agency MI5 is reportedly aware of at least five British Muslim women who have gone to join the fighting since 2011. Last week, two British women were held on suspicion of being involved in terrorism, one at Heathrow, the report added. (ANI)

Don’t mention the jihad:

Thousands went, and way too many  shall return:

A defector from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) said that recruits from Britain, Europe and the US were being indoctrinated in extremist anti-Western ideology, trained in how to make and detonate car bombs and suicide vests and sent home to start new terror cells. He has provided the first confirmation from Syrian rebels that young British men Muslims are being indoctrinated in extremist anti-Western ideology.–Al-Qaeda training British and European ‘jihadists’ in Syria to set up terror cells at home

Thousands of Muslims — citizens of the European Union’s countries — were recruited to jihad warfare in Syria, the Sudan, and Somalia. This was reported January 15 by European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström at a press conference in Brussels, reports Sedmitza.ru. At the same time, she did not specify for which period of time these individuals had been recruited. And admitted the number was far larger than reported. -Read more from Pamela Geller….

Follow the bouncing ball of Obama foreign policy — that is, if you can keep up. Just a couple of months back, Obama promised to militarily intervene in Syria on behalf of the jihadists. What stopped him? The man who “leads from behind” had no one in front of him. He was completely and utterly alone in his let’s-bomb-Syria-plan. Fast forward to January 2014, and he is switching sides, or as the propagandists and dissemblers explain, “a flexible discourse in talking about Iran’s participation.” Euphemism as a weapon — the language of deathspeak.READ MORE

Australia: from  Underwood to Underbelly

From the mosque to jihad in Syria:

” …We set up Ummah United so we can get Muslim and non-Muslim youth, gets them off drugs, street violence, jail and encourage them to become a better person, a better citizen for this country…”