Indo Foreign Minister: Australia helping asylum seekers to get back to Indonesia is "worse…"

Worse than what, Foreign Minister?  Worse than Indonesia sending us tens of thousands of  muselmanic welfare jihadists?

Raden Mohammad Marty Muliana Natalegawa - World Economic Forum on East Asia 2011

ABC –Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has described reports that Australia plans to provide lifeboats for asylum seekers as a slippery slope.


Dr Natalegawa has indicated that if Australia is actively helping asylum seekers get back to Indonesia, that is worse.

Our quality journaillie from the taxpayer funded ABC failed entirely to ask why that is “worse.” 

Our leftist propagandists have a lot to answer for.

Government under pressure to respond to report Australian navy turned back asylum-seeker boat

THE Coalition has turned around its first asylum-seeker vessel mid-voyage, according to Indonesian reports.

And the report comes as Mr Morrison’s office refuses to say whether he will continue his weekly Operation Sovereign Borders press conference.

Indonesia’s government newswire Antara and The Jakarta Post both today reported that the Australian Navy intercepted an asylum-seeker boat as it was about to enter Australian waters and forced it back towards its point of origin.

But confusion reigned as to when the turn back occurred with Antara saying the vessel was intercepted last month and The Jakarta Post indicating it happened on Monday.

According to the reports the Navy provided 45 asylum seekers, including nine women, with life vests and communication equipment before sending it on its way.

Here’s a pic of recent arrivals in Sydney:


2 thoughts on “Indo Foreign Minister: Australia helping asylum seekers to get back to Indonesia is "worse…"”

  1. Natalegawa says with a slow and steady approach, the relationship can be returned to normal and he says the focus on asylum seekers is “unhelpful”.

    We should never try to be “helpful” to advance Mohammedan causes.

    “To be zeroing in on issues that, in a manner that tends to divide, is not helpful,” he said.

    Allah has divided the world in two camps: believers and unbelievers. That has to be understood. It is not for us to divide, its already done.

    We need to separate from Mohammedanism, that’s all.

  2. Marty Natalegawa

    Yep – definitely MORE toxic than a Cane Toad and worse than a (Parasitic) muslim.
    Oh – really – right – thanks for that!

    How about it Marty – take back all the muslim invaders you assisted to Australia – plus the rest of the muslims in Australia – then ferry them to the Arabian peninsular if you don’t want them in Indonesia.

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