(In)Justice Department puts Obama donor in charge of IRS scandal probe

Republicans demand her removal.

After first apologizing, the IRS is circling the wagons. 

Last year, when news broke that the IRS had been targeting Tea Party groups in what looked like an effort to help Barack Obama’s reelection efforts, the President was outraged.  He claimed that the incidents were “inexcusable” and promised a full investigation. His administration wouldn’t rest until they’d discovered how something they so clearly condemn could have happened. After all, this was a scandal that struck at the very heart of the electoral process and, if there’s one thing Obama loves above all else, it’s Democracy.

So, of course, his administration secretly placed a large scale Obama donor in charge of the investigation.

Read it here, from WaPo


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  1. Sorry, I thought the MB did investigate Bengazi? Who else would have come to the idiotic conclusion that an American film maker was guilty?

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