Its Time to Finish Off America Once & For All



Permanent Transition is Part of Fundamental Transformation

Newspeak Dictionary Updates

In case you were not notified, all Newspeak dictionaries must be updated at once. “Welfare” is now an unword. The correct Newspeak term is “transitional living fund.” Sheila Jackson Lee, spokesbeast for the ruling class, personally issued the decree:

sheila-jackson-lee-welfare…at other people’s expense on a coercive basis so that Democrats can breed them for votes the way farmers raise chickens for eggs.

Also, remember that having been universally acknowledged as a disaster, ObamaCare is now also an unword. Nancy Pelosi has instructed us to use the more explicitly Orwellian term, “Affordable Care Act.” The unword “ObamaCare” is to be considered racism — i.e., a thought crime of the worst order.

The Jews Drove Him Insane

 It’s obvious. Amiri Baraka was an anti-semite who died in a Jewish hospital. He must have been killed by the Jews. Maybe even 4,000 of them.

In other news:

York University Dean supports student’s religious right to Aztec human sacrifice (BCF)


Its only fair, right?

TORONTO – After permitting a student to be excused from course work on religious grounds so he would not have to publicly interact with female peers, the Dean of York University is also permitting another student to have the right to ritually murder people to appease his gods.

“York University is an inclusive campus that appreciates the values of all religions,”


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  1. ot.mark the mayor who’s town got shut down for 4 days by Christy’s aid happens to be a Croatian orthodox Christian who’s parents left/fled? Croatia & moved to states . I think Christy is a compromised dhimmy. ??

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