Lampedusa: 1000 new arrivals in 24 hours

1000 new arrivals in Lampedusa

“Europe urgently needs these migrants to take care of aged Europeans, who have neglected to produce enough children to do the job…”–  Cecilia Malmstrom,   EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs at the EUSSR

marinaAs always, the boats were overcrowded,  just about to capsize and headed for Lampedusa. In the Mediterranean, Italian ships have rescued more than 1,000 illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia in just 24 hours. Helicopters had previously spotted them from the air.

The 823 men, women and children on the four boats came  from Egypt , Pakistan, Iraq and Tunisia.  233 people from Eritrea , Nigeria, Somalia Zambia, Mali and Pakistan were rescued and brought to Sicily, according to  the Navy.

Among the rescued were 30 women and 46 minors. The large number  of arrivals within 24 hours shows that the influx of people from Africa persists. In case the European welcoming culture is not sweet enough, they will surely sew their lips together  to draw attention to their dire situation , and all the good people of Europe give themselves a a pat on the shoulders for courting the illegals . (PI- in German: Lampedusa-Routine: Mehr als 1000 Neue)

 The EUSSR  is threatening Italy with legal action after a video showed migrants in the cold being stripped and sprayed.

The EU is threatening Italy with legal action over its treatment of migrants after a shocking video was aired on TV. The video showed migrants in the cold being stripped and sprayed for scabies at a holding centre on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

It is prompting the European Commission to investigate Italy for possible breaches of its rules on granting asylum. The mayor of Lampedusa said the footage makes the centre look like a “concentration camp”. But some migrants say they have received much worse treatment than what is shown in the video.  Al Jazeera’s Claudio Lavanga reports from Lampedusa.

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