Look out for returning jihadists!

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Euro-Jihad? Radicalised EU citizens  Mustards raise terror spectre on home front

Look and watch how this scumbag of a father lies and deflects blame for his jihadist son who went off to Syria to wage jihad. Its all our fault…. blah blah…

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Unaccomplished Muslims Out-raged as US Politician Notes Lack of Muslim Accomplishment…

All these priceless Islamic inventions and discoveries, and  none of these filthy kafirs appreciates it: what’s the world coming to?

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Not a Prophet of Peace  (Islam Watch)

Germany is the latest to get into the Islamic propaganda business – feeding fairy tales to children under the guise of tolerance.

Syria accused of systematic torture

Wow, that’s a new one. Its like the Obama people haven’t been head chopping at all lately…

Syrian Jihadists Ban Music and Smoking…A report by ex-war-crimes prosecutors says there is evidence that Syria has tortured and executed 11,000 detainees since the uprising began.
Shocked Villagers

Pakistan polio workers shot dead

In this handout photograph released authorities of the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan (L) gives polio vaccine drops to a young child in the town of Akoda Khattak, 50 kms east of Peshawar. Mr Khan on December 17 pledged personally to spearhead polio vaccination efforts in the troubled northwest, which remains a hotspot for the crippling disease.

polioePakistan’s Peshawar world’s ‘largest reservoir’ of polio: WHO

What Are Iran’s True Intentions?  (Andrew Bostom)

(Video) “Jihadism, and canonical Islamic anti-Semitism motivate the relentless effort to destroy the State of Israel.”

The Brazilian ranch where Nazis kept slaves

John Quincy Adams on Islam

After Stockholm bar staff threw out top Sweden Democrat Kent Ekeroth on the weekend, legal experts have debated whether political opinion is grounds for a discrimination case. 

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