Looters to the left of me, Muslims to the right….

All your  wealth are belong to us!


Looters & Moochers

UN Chief: Communism Is the Environment’s Only Hope


There is no end to this. The EUSSR is already governed by unelected, unaccountable commie scum, the U.S. is run into the ground by a totally clueless, preposterous Marxist Muslim, while the rest of the world is either being wrecked by third world despots or criminal Muslim scum.

The future’s so bright I think I need shades….


Just yesterday we had an Oxfam moocher demand that the rich hand over all of their ill gotten wealth: Oxfam’s Dr Helen Szoke wants to expropriate the mining companies, eliminate tax havens, redistribute other peoples money…

Oxfam says world’s rich threaten democracy

Coming from a bunch of  unhinged Marxist sock puppets it should be clear that it is not democracy these thieves are interested in:

The 85 richest people on planet “own the wealth of half the world’s population”, the charity said.

 Oxfam continued: (al Jizz)

The world’s elite have rigged laws in their own favour undermining democracy and creating a chasm of inequality across the globe, charity Oxfam said in advance of the annual get-together of the world’s most powerful at Davos.

Inequality has run so out of control, that the 85 richest people on the planet “own the wealth of half the world’s population,” Oxfam said in an introduction to a new report on widening disparities between the rich and poor.

The report exposes the “pernicious impact” of growing inequality that helps “the richest undermine democratic processes and drive policies that promote their interests at the expense of everyone else”, the statement said.

Inequality has recently emerged as a major concern in countries around the world, with US President Obama prioritising a push to narrow the wealth gap in his second term.

In China, the new government there has cracked down on the elite perks and privileges and Germany seems set to adopt a minimum wage.

The World Economic Forum, which organises the Davos talkfest, warned last week that the growing gulf between the rich and the poor represents the biggest global risk in 2014.

“The chronic gap between the incomes of the richest and poorest citizens is seen as the risk that is most likely to cause serious damage globally in the coming decade,” the WEF said.

But many of the corporate giants and world leaders set to confer at Davos, a posh ski resort tucked on the eastern reaches of Switzerland near Liechtenstein, are implicitly pointed at by Oxfam.

“Policies successfully imposed by the rich in recent decades include financial deregulation, tax havens and secrecy, anti-competitive business practice, lower tax rates on high incomes and investments and cuts or underinvestment in public services for the majority,” Oxfam said.

WEF however has decided to put the inequality theme up front during the five-day event with closed doors seminars and public key talks scheduled to mull over the hot-button issue.

In the forefront will be Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Sydney has just taken on the G20 presidency, and in a speech on Thursday Abbot should tackle the rich and poor gap issue, with the fight against tax havens and evasion firmly on target.

In the report, Oxfam said that “since the late 1970s, tax rates for the richest have fallen in 29 of the 30 countries for which data are available, meaning that in many places the rich not only get more money but also pay less tax on it.”


3 thoughts on “Looters to the left of me, Muslims to the right….”

  1. When there is easy money to be made by robbing
    the ordinary taxpayer, merchant banks will not be far behind. Then there are the power utilities. They have been assigned to collect the booty via our energy bills. Guess what? They dont itemise the bill by stating how much of the bill is made up of Greeny taxes. Oh no they dont- for they will charge the government (us again), for doing the dirty, and then add 10% say for administration. Its a nice earner, chiselled out from a captive population.

    That is the compact between the government and your energy supplier – they wont itemise, and the government will let them get a slice of the action. Scam is not the word – its corruption and conspiracy.

    We must not forget the EU, which intends to grab a slice of
    this windfall. Then there is the UN, which will also get a slice of the
    bonanza. Its way too good a scam to be lightly thrown away. One would expect the BBC (again funded by us), to be a voice of the people, to raise the issue. Forget it, they get their subsidy from the government, and will not rock the boat.

    The thieves are in government. They control the police, and
    if you dont pay, then one can expect a police squad.

  2. Charity is a Pillar of Islam. Yes but they only help muslims.. Organizations like Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul help everyone they can.

  3. @thresaj

    Yep. And they educate, shelter, feed, medicate and heal the worlds poor, irregardless or religion, race or creed.

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