Make the Greens Pay For Their "Deliverance" Activists!

Expensive: Advocating for Colin Russell cost the government taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, said Julie Bishop.

1386694832766.jpg-620x349A threat to impose a fee for consular support after Australian “activist” Colin Russell was detained in Russia has opened the prospect of broader charges for government support of thousands of Australians who find themselves in trouble overseas.

On Friday foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop said the activities of the Australian government on behalf of Mr Russell had cost tens of thousands of dollars, and she would look very closely at recovering the costs.

Taqiyya Season

‘We Really Don’t Want To Ban Christmas,’ Muslims Insist

In a rare gesture of ‘goodwill,’ the Muslim Council of Britain has released a Christmas card, assuring the public that Muslims do not want to ban Christmas. (At least, not yet. Give them a few years)

“None of us will be offended if you go ahead and enjoy the Christmas cheer. We’ll remember too the blessings Jesus gave to all of us. He was, after all, an important Prophet to Muslims.

“Some Muslims will join in those celebrations, remembering too that Jesus was an important Prophet of Islam. (from the PuffHo)  —‘Tis the season for ‘taqiyya’ (Quran-approved lies and deception) BNI

Why Are Democrats Supporting a Bill That Would End Death Penalty for Treason & Espionage?

Are Democrats Afraid of being found Complicit with the Treasonous Obama Administration that is currently in power? Are they Afraid Electing and Supporting Fraud not Eligible to be president could lead to their being found Guilty of Treason?

A bill that was proposed by Maryland Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards and seven other Democrats, earlier this year, would eliminate the possibility of imposing the death penalty for a variety of federal offenses. Among those crimes would be treason and espionage. The bill has been largely ignored in the media, but recently surfaced at The Hill.–Read more….

Member of US Congress calls to cut off aid to PA because of PA salaries to terrorists

Will never happen under an Obamster regime. They will stand with the Muslims, regardless…..

Palestinian Media Watch‘s reports on the PA’s payments of salaries to terrorists continue to reverberate in parliaments and US Congress. Last month, Dutch Parliament in an overwhelming majority vote called on their government to demand the PA stop salary payments to terrorist prisoners. (See text below).

Now US Congressman Jim Gerlach has written to Sec. of State John Kerry asking the that US stop foreign aid to the PA because it pays salaries and stipends to “compensate convicted terrorists and/or their families.” (Palwatch)