Willie Clitman, Farraklown's Muslim Imam & Di Blasio's Inauguration

The Klintoons had to be there.  This was the inauguration of their longtime ally and fellow progressive Bill de Blasio.

Their presence adds to de Blasio’s stature in a city still getting to know him.

Bill Clinton, who is notorious for his long speeches, said:

“He represents with his family the future of our city and the future of our country … you know, with all respect to the television show, they’re our real modern family.”  Clinton said inequality is not only a moral issue, but that it also is “a horrible constraint” on economic growth globally. “We cannot go forward if we don’t do it together,” Clinton said.

De Blasio Inaguration Featured Prayer by Pro-Farrakhan Muslim Imam

Bill de Blasio’s inauguration was marred by ugly talk about plantations and slave blocks. But it was also marred by an appearance by Imam Askia Muhammad of the Department of Corrections.

Imam Askia Muhammad was chosen as a prison chaplain to deliver a prayer, which he did, beginning by praising Bill De Blasio and urged that “the needs of the people be treated as holy”. It was a boilerplate invocation of Bill de Blasio’s agenda. But less remarked upon was who the Imam was.



A question from Duh Swami:

The yawning gap between rich and poor  “a moral outrage.”

So is the solution to make poor people richer? (By how much?) Or to make the rich people poorer? (By how much?). Either way, Clinton has no intention of letting the question get in the way of his own enrichment. His own gap between he and the poor is immense.

The answer:

They don’t want ALL to be equally poor… THEY want to keep their prosperity and redistribute YOURs…

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