Melbourne: 200 Africans with little education and poor job prospects feel excluded, run amok….

Why did police and reporters not mention 200 brawling Africans in the middle of Melbourne?

Andrew Bolt

Victoria Police have been so vilified as racists that they no longer dare to describe a growing problem involving our latest refugee community:

Community workers claim police played down a violent New Year’s brawl between more than 200 youths of African appearance in Melbourne’s CBD for fear of being accused of racism.

Salvation Army staff say Swanston Street was like a “war zone”, with one man carrying a machete and another a knife, as bottles were thrown at police trying to break up rolling fights between two large groups early on New Year’s Day.


Major Brendan Nottle, the 2013 Melburnian of the Year, said what he saw indicated serious social problems within the African community… “Rather than take the approach that we’re not going to talk about this for fear of being branded racist, or saying, ‘why are these young people here, why don’t they integrate’, we actually need to say this is a problem and work out a strategic way to address it,” he said…

A police media spokeswoman said those involved were of varying ethnic backgrounds.

But Anthony McEvoy, who heads the Salvation Army’s youth street team, which runs the “chill-out” zone on the lawns of St Paul’s Cathedral in Swanston Street, said the people he saw brawling looked almost exclusively African.

As I noted last week in response to a judge’s comments, our politicians are importing people who they must know will struggle to fit in – at a cost to the rest of us. In this case again: 

Awan Mading, a Sudanese-born volunteer with the Salvation Army, said many young people from the African community had little education and poor job prospects, making them feel excluded…

“So they become frustrated, and some of them drop out of school, hoping they will find a job. But if they don’t have any qualifications or work experience they can’t get employment. So they end up in the street drinking.”

Plus fighting. How on earth is an immigration system with these results in the national interest?

An honest debate needs to be held, without shut-ups screams of “racist”, before more people get hurt.

And note: if police won’t even tell the public the facts about a brawl this huge in the middle of Melbourne, what else are they not saying “for our own good”? And where were the journalists that night?


Incredible. I’ve searched news reports and so far cannot find a single contemporary reference by police or the news media to the brawl – one reportedly involving 200 Africans in the very middle of Melbourne city. How on earth could that not be news? What else are we not being told?

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  1. This brawl is not in CBD but in south-east Melbourne. Is it similar?
    Seven News January 25, 2014, 12:19 pm

    Police were called to the fight in Avondale Court in Springvale at 11:30pm (AEDT).
    They say around 80 youths were brawling in the street but when the officers moved in to break it up, the crowd became abusive and aggressive towards them.
    Several glass bottles were thrown at the officers.
    Four men were hit with capsicum spray, causing the crowd to disperse.
    But police say a number of fights continued as the group moved away along Springvale Road.

  2. Simple- if they aren’t earning or learning, don’t give them the dole to drink with. If they act up, put them in jail and deport them. Time for some tough love. It isn’t being ‘racist’ it’s being sensible.

  3. muslim, non-muslim Africans, Sikh, Hindu.

    these four groups – What can be said …..
    The Politicians keep importing them all.

    Who ordered the Politicians to continue doing this?
    Who ordered them to start doing this in the first place?
    The UN (controlled by the 57 Arab Block IOC).
    The UN is demanding the use of an outdated refugee convention – to spread the troubles of Africa and Arab countries world wide – by forcing the immigration the people of these areas around the world.

    The Australian population has RELENTLESSLY DEMANDED Politicians STOP this CRIMINAL ACTION.

    Politicians are bringing in these groups of people against the will of the general Australian population – who know these immigrant groups will not integrate – in particular ….
    • muslim
    • African
    • Hindu
    • Sikh

    muslim – these people are a huge threat to the Security & Well-being of Australians.
    • as demonstrated by the Sydney – Hyde Park Riots
    • as demonstrated by the Cronulla Riots.
    • Muslim DEMAND Continuous unnecessary and unwanted Mosque Building.
    • Muslim DEMAND the spread of EXTREME ANIMAL TORTURE using the unnecessary and unwanted Halal certification SCAM.
    • Muslim are basically Arab Thugs/Criminals – and have increased crime in Australia to unprecedented levels – rape, paedophilia, assaults, murder, etc, etc
    • plus all the other STUFF NOT REPORTED.

    African – again these people are also a huge threat to the Security & Well-being of Australians.
    • a group of African Youths (Sudanese or possible Somalian) attacked and badly injured local people in Brisbane’s Fairfield area around 2000.
    • 200 African Youths greeted the New Year by rioting violently in central Melbourne
    • A group of African youths rioted in Sydney supposedly over the results of a soccer game.
    • Again – plus all the other STUFF NOT REPORTED.

    Hindu & Sikh – Both groups predominately Indian – both groups that will never integrate into Australian Society.
    • In the recent past people of Indian descent were being attacked and even murdered – the cry by Indians went up about how RACIST Australia was for all this to be happening to the poor Indian – it eventually turned out that the RACIST Indians were doing it to each other BUT in Australia – apparently they just cannot leave each other to be in peace.
    • Again – plus all the other STUFF NOT REPORTED.


    The Australian Politicians (NEED TO BE INCARCERATED) are responsible (legally & morally) for the damage THEY are doing to Australia both culturally and physically by allowing these unwanted immigrant groups

    Politicians are VERY aware of what is happening – but REFUSE to correct the problem by stopping the immigration of these groups – and DEPORTING the ones that are already here.


    DEPORT THESE GROUPS •muslim •African •Hindu •Sikh & •(criminal)politicians QUICKLY & PERMANENTLY
    For their, but mainly Australia’s Good !

  4. If these people are Muslims why would they be drinking? Anyway the point is News Media is silent on this. We are being treated the same as the British and European public. This means this country is treating these people differently than the rest of us. These people will never be part of this country and crime rates go up in every area they live. They need to be deported at once or we as real aussies will pay the price. The australian people should take class action law suits out on the government for knowingly endangering our lives. Im so pissed of about this , some thing will have to be done. In Perth suburbs where these people are put in government housing,People who live in the area move out . This is due to the crime and antisocial antics these people bring with them.Not to mention the price of your property will be devalued considerably . These people and muslims elsewhere in Australia will continue to increase in numbers until all our lives and our childrens lives will be in extreme danger. DEPORT ALL OF THEM NOW.

  5. Muslims drink alcohol. They are the ultimate hypocrites.
    Here in NZ , ridiculous female judges make all sorts of excuses for thee people when and if they ever get to court. In my city , we had someone called” the Port Hills groper ,” an older muslim codger who was groping women on the local walking tracks.. At one time , there was as many as 16 victims , the youngest of whom was sixteen years old.. The judge came up with all this rot re cultural ambiguities.. She said he had been vilified by the P/Hills groper moniker.. His race , religion and name were all suppressed. On the same day a Samoan guy was identified by name and race.. It was ok for him to be called a groper..He was also going to be deported. He groped two women.
    I am complaining about this judge thru official channels.


    About sums it up in a nutshell..

    You should se what this garbage gets up to in Noble Park, Dandenong and other areas. You guys aren’t told anything!

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